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Delnor Construction Ltd.: The Legacy Lives On

Alberta based and serving the province for 35 years.

Briggs Kitchen & Bar in Calgary, AB

This year marks the 35th year of Delnor providing expert commercial construction services across Alberta. What started as a company launched by two high school friends is now a company executing more than $195 million over 300+ projects annually, while consistently ranking in Canada’s Top 40 Contractors.

“Ed Cyrankiewicz and I founded the company in 1983,” explains Ron Hinz, founder and member of the board of governors. “The company where we were employed went into receivership and we faced a crossroad – take employment into our own hands or join the large group of the unemployed. It was an easy choice, considering that all other companies were offering nothing but low pay and excessive expectations!”

The first 10 years was about grit, building a reputation and brand. “After that time, we were considered to have a solid reputation. Next came having our feet on the pavement, looking for work and taking on the tough and highly specialized jobs that no one else would touch” explains Ron.

While they built the brand, they also built the company. Phil Miller, Delnor’s first superintendent, was hired when the company was about a year old. That same year, Delnor secured their first big project, valued at nearly $1 million, at the Edmonton International Airport. This set the stage for larger and more complex projects.

“Some of the largest projects at this time came from clients that we still have relationships with today; for example, the University of Alberta Hospital’s rooftop heliport project,” Ron reflects.

The TELUS Workplace Integration project in 1997 marked a huge turning point as Delnor’s workforce tripled in a six-month period. In the proposal submission Delnor was set apart and competitive due to Ed’s dedication. He relocated his office to the TELUS project site for nearly two years, which demonstrates the commitment that Delnor strives for.

In 1998, another milestone was achieved as the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) Food Services Redevelopment was the first $2 million+ project. At this time, Delnor was also one of the front-line founders of the Construction Management delivery methodology in the Edmonton marketplace and one of the earlier contractors with the opportunity on these types of projects (at both the NAIT Food Services project and Edmonton Public School Board with the McNally School modernization). They were easy to do business with and collaborative before those were buzz words.

“June 2005 – The Capital Health food services redevelopment project, valued at $5.5 million, was one of our largest healthcare projects at the time. This was a confirmation that our relationship with Alberta Health Services was allowing us to move toward becoming experts in healthcare projects and facilities,” notes Glenn Cyrankiewicz, Delnor’s CEO and Principal.

The Ardrossan Recreational Complex project valued at $17 million followed in 2010, and at 30 years, Delnor branched out of the city and entered the Calgary marketplace.

After opening up the Calgary branch, they completed the first phase of the ATB consolidation projects in Calgary, valued at $10.5 million. This was important as the contract continued to also award the Edmonton consolidation project at Delnor’s largest project to date, valued at over $30 million. Following this award, Delnor further renegotiated the ATB Eighth Avenue Place floors 4-7 job for $7.5 million. This made the ATB consolidation projects Delnor’s biggest collective project of all time at almost $50 million.

“We are very fortunate to have solid employees that contribute to and are invested in the success of our company,” says Glenn. “They are willing to work hard and are the basis of the culture we are collectively trying to achieve. Having skilled, motivated, and empowered employees is key; however, it is our retention of successful employees, which has created stability, trust and confidence with our clients and servicing sectors for decades, that makes us stand out.”

Glenn says, “Delnor has a goal of zero incidents, and we are committed to making this outcome a reality. We believe in consistently measuring and improving safety performance, and due to this philosophy, we have been successful in achieving a Certificate of Recognition (COR) for many years.”

Delnor Construction was the dream of two men, and the vision has grown into a reality that benefits all Albertans. The management team acknowledges that every person in the company plays a role in the company’s rapid growth and ongoing success.

“Today, Delnor’s success extends beyond any one person,” says Glenn. “Leadership is not a title; it must be an attitude throughout our culture. We require total team engagement to be sustainably successful. It starts with our ownership group modelling the necessary behavior and being held accountable to the same standards.”

Delnor helps many charitable organizations as part of their culture. They give back to clients that support them, which is especially true of healthcare organizations and not-for-profit initiatives. Health services affects all Albertan’s; it is fundamental to Delnor’s business to support many not-for-profit foundations that further research and provide healthcare to the community that they help to build. Delnor was also a major donor of products and services to the Cross Cancer Institute’s Healing Garden.

The company’s commitment to excellence has been robustly recognized in the industry, and Delnor counts a Canada’s Top 40 General Contractors award and an Alberta Ventures 2016 Contractor of the Year award among their many recognitions.

Soon, Ed and Ron will be overseeing a transition in their positions as they join the board of governors. As such, Delnor Construction would like to formally introduce the new principal ownership group:

  • Glenn Cyrankiewicz: Chief Executive Officer
  • Jeff Sterling: Chief Operating Officer
  • Dave Lamash: Senior Project Manager
  • John Vandenberg: Senior Project Manager
  • Kaylan Austring: Senior Project Manager

Glenn concludes, “We want to say a very big thank you to our clients, staff, vendors, founders – everyone that has and continues to make Delnor the success that it is today. Our goal is to have clients for life and make Delnor first, and we understand that we need to repeatedly earn that business partnership. This means being their construction partner; from looking after the smallest projects to the most complex projects, we are committed to overseeing our clients’ total construction needs. The successful execution of a new ownership transition plan for the company in this past year ensures that Delnor’s legacy lives forward.”