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Seeds of Hope Gala

Calgary boosting and giving back

Cole Harris, president and COO, Centron.

When it comes to causes and caring in the Calgary community, the Mustard Seed is a dynamic example of walking-the-walk.

For more than 30 years, the respected Calgary organization has helped thousands of area men and women with a range of innovative programs and services, including education and employment, health and wellness, and other basic needs.

Of course it’s all about people, caring and the legendary Calgary spirit. But, let’s face it! It takes support and money.

The October 14, 2017 Seeds of Hope Gala at the Fairmont Palliser hotel is just the latest exciting example of both.

“I have known about the Mustard Seed for years and have supported their work in the past,” says Cole Harris, president and COO of Centron (the renowned and respected builder and developer of prime real estate properties across Western Canada) and co-chair and major co-sponsor of this year’s Seeds of Hope Gala.

“The opportunity to co-host the gala (with RBC) came with a full-day tour of the operations. We were very impressed with the leadership, the focus on servicing their clients and the commitment and passion of the staff who make such a difference in the lives of people.”

It’s well known that, for various reasons, these are challenging times for the much-needed services of the Mustard Seed.

According to Stephen Wile, CEO of the Mustard Seed, “The economic downturn has affected our organization. The number of people we serve in the shelter is down, mainly because fewer people are coming to Alberta looking for jobs. There is a significant increase in food requests and the length of stay has also increased, mostly because people can’t find a job.

“There has also been a steep reduction in corporate donations. But the silver lining is many generous individuals have stepped up to help fill the financial gap.”

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. And Harris shares the Calgary spirit and positivity. “Calgarians rally! There are vast improvements in helping the homeless and the potential homeless through great organizations like the Mustard Seed and the RESOLVE Campaign, Inn from the Cold and others.”

The October gala promises to be special – with a direct impact.

“It’s a huge help for providing funds and resources for the programs that make a difference in the lives of Calgary’s less fortunate. And it also affords us an opportunity to tell the story of homelessness and poverty.”

Is Cole Harris beating the drums for the October 14, 2017 Seeds of Hope Gala? Absolutely! And the hard work and gung-ho enthusiasm promises an enjoyable and successful boost (and a great night) for the Mustard Seed.