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Delivering WOW! for 30 Years

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While some destinies are etched in stone, Doug Lacey’s was chiseled in concrete. When he entered the concrete restoration business to combat musty, damp or leaking basement foundations in 1992 with his company, Protecrete Canada, he could never have imagined what it would become over the next 30 years.

“Doug started the company basically as a one-man crew and then evolved to basement systems when he got into the waterproofing side of it,” says Mike Aasen, general manager of Doug Lacey’s Basement Systems.

That one-person operation has since grown to support a staff of 30 employees who service southern Alberta residential property owners as well as occasionally insurance companies and structural engineers. It is the go-to company for clients from Ponoka down to the U.S. border and into British Columbia to the Saskatchewan border. What began as concrete repair quickly branched out to include waterproofing services, which brought a membership in the Basement Systems network and a name change to reflect the scope of the company’s services.
In a short time, Doug Lacey established himself as one of the most esteemed and reputable dealers of Basement Systems’ waterproofing products and systems. This affiliation allowed the Doug Lacey’s team to bring customers the best patented, energy efficient products paired with best installation practices to all but ensure a successful resolution of a litany of issues.

“Our purpose is to redefine our industry as Alberta’s leaders in waterproofing and foundation repair,” says Zack Munir, president of Doug Lacey’s Basement Systems.

In its 30 years in business, the company has done just that. The team provides a custom solution to address any basement and crawl space problem, with expertise in foundation repair, basement waterproofing, sump pump installation, crawl space sealing and structural support, mold and rot control, French Drain and weeping tile installation and energy efficient dehumidifiers. The company has the ideal product and system for every problem and customizes the solutions to each situation. Technicians can recommend the drain system that is best suited to the foundation design, with WaterGuard Below-Floor Drains for conventional basement waterproofing, TrenchDrain Grated Drainage systems for diverting water from an outer entryway like a garage door or hatchway toward a perimeter drain, and a WaterGuard IOS Perimeter Drain that addresses the special requirements if there is iron bacteria in the water.

The knowledgeable team assists clients with everything from small repairs to significant projects taking months. They recently responded to a call in Lethbridge about walls cracking upstairs only to find the house was sinking two inches on one side. Over the course of four weeks, the team gutted the basement in order to lift the home back to level to ensure there would be no further issues.

“They moved in a year and a half ago and weren’t expecting big issues,” says Aasen. “They were understandably upset but they were extremely happy with our service, and we got really good reviews from them.”

Doug Lacey’s Basement Systems professionals cover the gamut of basement problems and pride themselves on providing effective solutions that will keep a client’s finished or unfinished spaces in both new home builds and existing homes dry, all with as little disruption as possible. With the incredible team of waterproofers, foundation repair experts and basement remodelers who undergo significant and ongoing training, it’s easy for the company to confidently stand by its work.

“We are backed by a nation-wide warranty program for all of our customers. We are part of a 400-plus dealer support program across North America. That’s hundreds and hundreds of years’ experience between all of our dealers,” says Munir.

If the team encounters an unusual or particularly challenging situation, they can access the international Basement Systems Supportworks network for advice along with tested and proven techniques for handling these challenges. They have seen and done it all and its members stay on the cutting edge to make sure it stays that way. The vast and varied experience Doug Lacey’s has gotten from this network has made the company a leader in foundation repair and waterproofing and has established it as an expert in radon gas mitigation.

This odorless gas is found in properties across the country, with homes that have crawl spaces being at higher risk. Exposure to radon is dangerous, contributing to lung cancer-related deaths every year, and Doug Lacey’s takes mitigation seriously. As a member of the National Radon Defense network, Doug Lacey’s technicians receive extensive training to install radon mitigation systems to expel this dangerous gas. The team installs a sub-slab depressurization vent that is compatible with the existing waterproofing system in the house, and it collects the gas, pipes it upwards and forces it out of the house.

The team knows that finding dangerous gas, discovering a compromised foundation or coming upon a leak in a basement is stressful for customers so the company makes it as easy as possible for homeowners to find the help they need as affordably as possible. Customers can rest easily knowing they are in good hands with the Doug Lacey’s team. The professionals respond quickly to customers’ inquiries, provide a free inspection and estimate to let people know where they stand, and then offer easy-to-access financing options to eliminate the barriers that a lump-sum payment may present.

To add another level of confidence, all of the basement systems include lifetime warranties that are transferrable if customers should sell their home. Some of these systems require yearly checks to maintain the warranty, and the company’s knowledgeable 24-hour service team is there to support customers with maintenance service as well as emergency response.

“We do the annual service after a system has been installed to ensure everything is in top-notch working order,” says Aasen. “If there is an emergency and something fails, our service department would be called out to quickly go and address the different scenarios for customers.”

The company was built on service and even as the company has grown and evolved, it has maintained that focus. It operates according to the company’s WOW! Service program that applies to all departments throughout the company. Each area of the business has service expectations clearly laid out to ensure Doug Lacey’s vision for taking care of customers is met in every interaction. This program guides staff to exceed expectations through simple yet often overlooked practices such as introducing themselves, effectively communicating the proposed plan to customers, actively listening to clients to ensure their needs are met, and delivering even more than was promised or expected. The goal is a great customer experience on every job.

This guide creates a customer-first focus where calls are answered within two rings, staff smile and are friendly and polite, and the team follows up to ensure customers are satisfied and happy so they continue to be customers over the long term. No company is perfect, but the team strives to provide the best possible product and is accountable if something doesn’t go according to plan. It is this high level of service that has made Doug Lacey’s Basement Systems a benchmark in the field.

The WOW! Program isn’t limited to expectations towards Doug Lacey’s valued customers either; it outlines the path to a positive work environment for the staff through teamwork and respect. As a family-owned and operated business, the company treats all employees and customers with the same respect and consideration and thinks of them all as part of the Lacey family. The WOW! standards are what keep staff engaged and happy, which is proven effective by the number of long-time employees nearing the 20-year employment milestone with the company.

“To be able to help more customers in southern Alberta is our number one goal. We just need to keep focused on what we’re good at as we’re expanding in that role. Focusing on our employees will get a return from our customers. If we take good care of our employees they will take care of our customers,” says Aasen.

They have succeeded with that goal on all levels. Doug Lacey’s Basement Systems has received accolades for service and quality for decades, and the fact that customers take the time to cast their vote for the company shows the management team that they are on the right path. From being named Silver and Platinum winners in the Best Home Improvements & Renovations category by Community Votes Calgary over the past few years to recognition as a “Rising Star Dealer” by National Radon Defense, Doug Lacey’s is proud to be recognized by the industry and consumers alike.

While awards are appreciated, the team isn’t sitting on its laurels. hey continue pushing to do better to create the best possible experience for clients and staff, thus earning their position among the top of the industry.
“We need to keep innovating, learning and leading to provide solutions to our customers. And we need to continue with Doug’s vision and keeping with the family dynamic. Even though we’re growing the business and it’s non-stop changing, we still want to emphasize the family focus,” says Aasen.

That family focus extends beyond the company, and Doug Lacey’s Basement Systems proudly gives back to the community through everything from sponsoring the Junior A hockey team in Okotoks to supporting employees’ children’s activities. Being a rodeo family, the Laceys are also thrilled to sponsor a talented up-and-coming 13-year-old bull rider and bareback and saddle bronc rider named Gavin.

For 30 years, Doug Lacey’s Basement Systems has been a fixture in the industry and the community, and the team looks forward to continuing to deliver WOW! to its southern Alberta customers for another 30.

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