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Parker’s Pen – December 2020

David Parker

There are many who might say I’m not the brightest star in the galaxy, but it would seem to me that the projected double-digit tax increase for industrial properties is not the wisest decision right now.

Talking to a respected commercial realtor who specializes in big-bay real estate, he commented Calgary continues to shoot itself in the foot, and there are no tourniquets left.

He has sent over half a million square feet to the Balzac area, and more is expected as once the big warehouse/distribution boys look at the numbers, it’s no contest.

Another told me that he recently helped a logistics company settle in Edmonton rather than worry about the uncertainty of operating in Calgary.

“Business friendly” is a tough sell in competing for new attractions and a bit of a nasty joke for a struggling small Calgary operation trying to stay alive.

But, if you need a boost to suggest our economy is in good shape, I suggest a trip up to the Northwest Auto Mall where Paul Valentine of Valentine Volvo has shown his confidence with the opening of a new Jaguar/Land Rover dealership. And he tells me that by this time next year he will have opened another Volvo dealership close by, in the Royal Oak mall that is exclusive to import cars.

And although council seems to be doing everything to frustrate those who depend on the automobile as their mode of transportation, watch for at least three more car dealerships to open on the quickly developing Tsuu T’ina lands.

A misconception is the impending death of shopping malls. Over the past couple of months, no less than five new stores have opened in Chinook Centre. And try getting a good spot anywhere near the doors at Market Mall.

It’s so nice to keep in touch with people you have been privileged to meet, even if you may never see them again. Many of us will remember Jean-Charles Bou who was our first – and only – Consul General of France, and his wife Denise. He has retired from Foreign Affairs but continues to serve as a Councillor for Bellegarde-sur-Valserine, on the border of France and Switzerland.

He looks very proud wearing his councillor sash.

I can remember back to the days Bill Croft was president of the Calgary Research & Development Authority when plans were unveiled for University Research Park, across Crowchild Trail from Brentwood Shopping Centre.

It never fulfilled expectations; although the Alistair Ross Technology Centre was a good start and in the past couple of years it did welcome CMG and the Smart Technologies building.

But the good news is that the park is now under the management of University of Calgary Properties Group that has done such a good job in developing the University District, and we look forward to a new master plan and the construction of more buildings that will attract new companies involved in the wide range of technology.

Final Words: I run like the winded.