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Senselessness on Climate Change

Shane Wenzel

Attendees to yet another COP28 gathering of ‘the rich, the famous and the confused’ under the guise of saving the world from alleged manmade global warming, met in oilrich Dubai to talk about a ‘phase out’ or ‘phase down’ of hydrocarbon energy. When government representatives were asked why they supported committing economic suicide to ‘save the climate’ while other countries keep building coal fired power plants,’ they had no answers. These same people loudly pressed their hands together when UN Chief Guterres demanded an end to fossil fuels. Some speakers admitted there will be no ‘phase out’ for their countries when no science guarantees that a phase-out will achieve anything but destroy civilization. Canada wasn’t one that spoke up! 

On the very first day governments were asked to make pledges to basically ‘fleece’ their taxpayers. Thirdworld regimes were demanding at least $100 billion per year as a ‘penalty’ for some new slush fund that of course would be managed by the World Bank. The USA readily admits to having already funneled billions of US taxpayer dollars into this ‘Green Slush Fund’ since COP21, along with billions from other countries. Canada’s commitment was not clear, and it was less clear exactly where the money would come fromcarbon taxes or perhaps from the missing infrastructure money?  

The activists were unafraid to say it is the responsibility of affluent nations to pay proportionately to their role in creating the climate crisis. King Charles flew in on his private jet to say $5 trillion would be needed each year. That would include tax money, but the private sector is expected to ‘hand over’ even greater sums. There was no mention of exactly where these funds would go.  

What is clear is that patience is wearing thin as this continual talk about a ‘climate crisis’ is seriously damaging western economies. The USA alone went from energy independence back to energy dependence in two short years. Life on Earth is based on carbon. CO2 is plant food, not a pollutant. So just how did it get blamed for global warming?  

Clearly, there cannot be any wind turbines or solar panels without fossil fuel, and my guess is they also could not produce enough power on their own to manufacture the turbines and solar panels. Perceived cost is the biggest barrier. Coffee shop discussions usually ends with people wondering how much worse it is going to get over the obsession with ‘Net Zero.’ Concerned conversations often lead to how will we save lives when ambulances are replaced with electric vehicles. Some are already being tested in Great Britain with hours lost recharging and billions spent upgrading infrastructure. Tough luck if you live outside city limits. None of this conversation would be happening if not for the urgent push to Net Zero.  

Considering the recent EV subsidies being offered to selected companies outside of Canada to build EV battery factories, the risk is high and will not necessarily lead to local jobs being created. It seems Canada has experience subsidizing companies from outside the country carrying a high risk of failure.  

I cannot help but wonder if we have reached peak insanity yet.