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The Golf Experience

The Springbank Links uniqueness


Golf is so much more than a game. Of course it’s the layout, the drives, the rolling fairways, the manicured greens, aiming for par, hoping for birdies and explaining bogeys and double bogeys, it’s the meticulous maintenance, socializing in the clubhouse and it’s atmosphere.

It’s the golf experience. And it’s what makes Springbank Links so much more than a golf course. It’s the Springbank uniqueness.

“Our front 9 is a challenge with some big elevation changes and carries over ravines, but it is also very enjoyable and incredibly scenic,” says the upbeat and personable Springbank Links general manager Kevin Heise. “We have deer and moose roaming frequently as well as sightings of a brown bear earlier this year, but we let him play through.”

Heise acknowledges that everybody has their favorite and dreaded parts of the Springbank course. “The #7 probably gets the Most Dreaded Hole award. It requires a drive through a narrow chute of trees and then another carry over a gully to make the green. Two accurate shots are needed.”

He also underscores the many aspects of Springbank’s golf experience. “We have always said we want to be the Disneyland of golf clubs by being incredibly welcoming and friendly. Family golf is at the forefront for us. We also try to keep energy up with new ideas, like ‘golf bikes’, basically electric motorcycles that are mounted to the bag and wheeled around, and a significant clubhouse upgrade with everything fresh and accented by 18th century reclaimed wood from old schools and churches in the UK. The pints taste even better this year!”

Something uniquely-Springbank is “the 260 towers in our Vertical Container Farm behind the clubhouse and we grow fresh produce— kale, Swiss chard, basil and spinach—for our kitchen,” Heise adds.

Of course COVID-19 has meant some new ways of doing things. Heise notes that the 2020 season has seen more changes due to the pandemic but adds that many of the forced changes may turn out to enhance the Springbank game. “Pace of play is critical for happy golfers. Some COVID safety measures—like leaving flagsticks in, using pool noodles or ball levers to pop the ball out of the cup, apps for scoring and even pulling the bunker rakes—have really helped speed of play. We have seen many other sports successfully speed-up their game. Golf has a chance to take some of these results and carry forward to make a better flowing game.”