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ProTorque – Celebrating 20 Years

The ProTorque Relationship

Standing L to R: Michael Angelozzi, Hal Wong, Jeff Weitzel and Tom Herron. Sitting L to R: Landon McDonald, Andy Howland and Robert Ryan. Photo by Riverwood Photography

In the dynamic realm of the oil and gas industry, the provision of cutting-edge, forward-thinking and meticulously-crafted oilfield services stands as an indispensable cornerstone. Such offerings not only signify a commitment to innovation and excellence but also serve as the bedrock upon which the esteemed reputation of ProTorque Energy is firmly built.

“We have been serving the oil and gas industry since 2004,” says the upbeat Landon McDonald, ProTorque president. “We are fiercely proud of our expertise, our exceptional client relationships, and we continue to evolve and grow.”

“ProTorque is no longer just a tubular running company. We are now an international TRS and midstream oil field construction and maintenance company. Our vision is to be an industry-leading TRS and midstream construction company that provides integrated solutions to operators.”

Today more than ever, safety, efficiency and service quality are ProTorque’s focus areas.

In 2024 more wells are drilled with fewer rigs which result in quicker job turnarounds. ProTorque constantly adapts, leveraging technology such as predictive maintenance tools to ensure equipment condition and up-time.

A key part of ProTorque’s exceptional oil and gas industry reputation is being up-to-date, especially with the tremendous impact of technology. It is a must and it is critical. The latest available technologies are incorporated into the equipment, recording and reporting real time data, to provide ProTorque and its customers with the most effective figures.

“So much of technical casing running involves high torque connections, exotic metals used in tubulars and technology installed downhole; we need to make sure our equipment and processes are best-in-class,” he explains.

“The oil and gas industry is undergoing an exciting digital transformation,” explains Jeff Weitzel, ProTorque’s plugged-in COO. “There are tremendous advancements such as artificial intelligence, big data analytics, automation and more. The innovations are driving industry efficiency improvements, cost reductions and enhanced safety measures across the value chain.”

In oilfield services, data acquisition has been a major push and driven by operator’s needs, to become as efficient as possible. ProTorque is leveraging data acquisition related to connection make-up and casing run metrics to improve crew competencies and enhance services to their customers.

The industry-respected company also leverages its supplier relationships to access the latest technologies and innovative solutions, to enhance safety, operational efficiency and service quality. “It is a priority,” he adds.

While innovative technology and the delivery of high-quality oilfield services are the critical company focus, the key to the ProTorque success story is – people!

“Our employees are the true driving force behind all we do and the cornerstone of our competitive edge,” vice president Michael Angelozzi says with pride. “We attract and hire local leadership with a deep knowledge of the client base and workers in the areas where they operate.”

He raves about the superb ProTorque team of skilled professionals and their extensive industry experience. “It is their dedication, expertise and passion for excellence that propels the company forward, ensuring that we deliver unparalleled solutions and services to our clients every day.

“Our team’s innovative spirit and unwavering commitment to quality set ProTorque apart in the industry. We consistently exceed expectations and raise the bar for performance, allowing us to excel.”

Labour pools have changed. There is a want and need for the company to provide a balanced approach to being an employment leader in oilfield services with its employees, contractors and clients.

“Employees want to be respected, heard and supported through their career progression in oil field services,” McDonald points out.

“No longer are they exclusively just worried about

making the most income in the shortest time possible.” He notes that, like in many industries, work/life balance is a priority. Improvements in training, technology and education of multi-skilled service technicians creates flexibility.

Angelozzi, Weitzel and McDonald attribute much of the company’s success to a distinctive ‘business partner’ dynamic, particularly in essential planning endeavors aimed at securing optimal outcomes for their customers.

• The exceptional ProTorque reputation is also a vital part of the company’s edge and difference.

• A proven track record for delivering high-quality oilfield services, backed by a team of skilled professionals with extensive industry experience.

• The proactive relationships with suppliers in order to efficiently test and develop new technologies.

And the company’s “Proven Process” identifies, reports and allows for collaboration at each step, assuring the best possible outcome for ProTorque customers.

The company is proactive and emphasizes its “Proven Process.” It is the tremendously effective way to identify specific and unique project requirements, collaborate to establish personnel and equipment requirements, propose ways to complete the job effectively, and efficiently execute.

“It’s what we do and how we do it,” Jeff Weitzel emphasizes.



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