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Category: Financial

Rejigging Wealth Management

While stable, solid, secure and diversified are still core givens in the highwire strategizing of wealth management, there are some changes happening. Recent factors like the economy, inflation, financial flux,

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Reality check for rec property market

After a two-year sprint, Western Canada’s recreation and investment real estate market has returned to what many experts are calling “normal” levels. Yet they still point to an ongoing wealth

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Wealth Management Re-defined

Although wealth management 2023 is still the art and science of educated guesswork, factors like flux in the Canadian economy, inflation, two-plus years of pandemic business disruptions and some dramatically

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The Bumpy Ride

It continues a bumpy ride for banking. For personal and corporate customers and also for the banks, as they manoeuvre – some say knee-jerk react – to the various strategizing

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Market Ups & Downs

There’s unspoken and private consensus that investments are the ultimate equivalent of what business calls risk management. And the past two years or so have made for choppy, rough waters

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FinTech: The Future is Now

The gradual growth of fintech product and service adoption in Canada over the last decade is poised to take off. Accelerated by the pandemic’s overhaul to the ways business is

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The Home-Away-from-Home Boom

There’s no doubt about it, and the numbers don’t lie. Recreational properties, particularly within a reasonable commute from Calgary, are booming! The prices are spiking, mostly because demand is way

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