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Category: Tech

Training, Re-training and Upskilling

Four decades ago, when clunky, Jurassic computers roamed the earth, the Internet was just barely invented and 20 years before Steve Jobs created the iPhone, the computer catchphrase “garbage in/garbage

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The Website Game Changer

Sometimes – unwittingly or unknowingly, relying on stubborn gut-feel intuition versus facts and professional advice, penny-pinchingly blaming tight budgets or resigned to making do with just okay versus sharp and

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Beware of Rising Ransomware

Akira, BlackCat, Medusa and Phobos may seem like fitting names for your new cat, yet they instead represent some of the most common and viscous ransomware variants that businesses in

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AI and your business

Artificial intelligence continues to be both romanticized and villainized within the business community. Praised for its real-world examples of increasing efficiencies, improving decision-making and providing a competitive advantage, it’s also

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Talking tech talent

Drive, accountability and trust. These are the three things that Al-Karim Khimji looks for in a new hire. For some, that might feel unconventional. Yet for the co-founder of Calgary-based

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A Crime of Opportunity

It’s maddening and frustrating, particularly for small and midsize businesses (SMBs), but sometimes cybersecurity can feel like mission impossible! The more diligent businesses get about cybersecurity, the slicker and more

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Calgary 2.0

It’s an energy that Brad Parry says is almost palpable in Calgary these days. But it’s not the type of energy you’re used to talking about. The newly minted president

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Not on my dime

In what appears to be a perfect storm for business owners, the pandemic has turned out to be a feeding ground for cyber criminals who are using ransomware to attack

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5G liftoff in 3, 2, 1 . . .

Imagine a future where a surgeon can remote operate on a patient from the other side of the province. Or where a heavy equipment operator can safely navigate an excavator

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