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Category: Training & Education

Investing in Learning

In many contemporary industries and workplaces, training and education upgrading is no longer an extra, as much as a vital necessity. Academic institutions like SAIT and Calgary’s Haskayne School of

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A is for Apprenticeship

The Germanic system of apprenticeships used throughout much of Europe recognizes 250 to 350 apprentice-based careers that span a broad range of occupations including skilled trades, information technology, business disciplines

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Zoom Fatigue and Other Education Trends

Calgary training and education was already being innovatively re-defined when the COVID-19 panic—at least the intense and focused scramble—happened. Some local education experts say that, from sudden Zoom sessions to

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Training for the Trades

By definition, a “trade” is an occupation requiring manual or mechanical skill – a career not suited for everyone. But for those who enjoy manual labour and/or building things, exploring

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Not Just Another Day at the Office

Bill Borger is familiar with the construction industry’s stereotype – a rough and tough group of workers whose common tongue is swearing and shouting. “In the traditional construction industry, that’s

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Opting for a Second Career

Throughout Alberta, and particularly in the Calgary area, the perfect storm continues to fuel the hot trend of pursuing a second career. For years, the decision to opt for a

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