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Category: Corporate Health & Wellness

From Stress to Success

Calgary’s corporate community continues to be a dynamic and fast-paced environment. As such, an emphasis on employee well-being has become a top priority for companies. Recognizing the profound connection between

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The return of corporate retreats

Corporate retreats are back in a big way, say local experts, who are seeing companies re-invest in a myriad of opportunities to bring their people together. “They’re going all in.

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Health and Wellness at Work

In many aspects of business and the workplace, the past two pandemic years have experienced a lot of complications and unprecedented disruptions. Work routines. Work schedules. And digital communications altering

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Mental Health at Work

Calgary employers are dealing with an insidious and challenging crisis: mental health in the workplace! Throughout North America, mental health concerns and burnout have skyrocketed. Nearly six times as many

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Operation office makeover

The road back to the office post-pandemic will be paved with good intentions. Yet local interior design experts urge employers to avoid the fast lane back, and instead use this

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A mental health pandemic

Mary Swaffield knew things needed to change. Like many, the Calgary-based chief executive officer at the Alberta Mortgage Brokers Association (AMBA) and her five-person team switched to a work-from home

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Putting Active Back Into Inactive

We’re passed those bizarre first few months of the Covid lockdown, but there are still limitations on our lives and livelihoods. What are the effects on our physical health as

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Working Beyond Nine to Five

In a world ruled by smartphones, tablets and tech devices, how do employees learn to “turn it off” in order to find adequate work/life balance, and more importantly, sleep? According

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