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Category: Agriculture

The Resilient Agri-food Sector

Resilient perfectly describes Alberta’s agri-food sector! In addition to the vital public health and safety factors, Alberta agriculture in 2020 has been broadsided by various complications. But it continues strong,

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First Cut is the Deepest

Like many in his profession, canola runs deep for Scott Keller. The prized crop takes up a quarter of Keller Farms near Camrose, Alta., sharing rotation with wheat, malt barley

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The Big Ag Business

Now more than ever, farming is dynamic. It is exciting, demanding, challenging and rewarding. The contemporary farmer and producer and the entire Ag industry deals with technology, a gamut of

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The New Farm and the New Farmer

How ya gonna keep ’em down on the farm? Finally! After generations of the clichéd stereotype, there’s an answer: business savvy, tech smarts and lots of money. The traditional life

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