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Category: Industry

Mid-Year Crunching

Halfway through 2024, Calgary’s residential real estate hopes and strategizes for a balanced market, while continuing very much a seller’s market. According to the Calgary Real Estate Board’s (CREB) annual

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Boosting Calgary Real Estate

Calgary’s real estate, sales-to-listing ratios, benchmark prices and consumer trends have calmed down and stabilized from the last few “hot market” years. And despite jittery consumer confidence aggravated by the

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A Walk in the Park

Continued tightness in Canada’s industrial market over recent years has propelled Calgary into the warehousing and distribution spotlight.  Direct access to key inland port hubs, expanded CN and CP intermodal

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All Hands On Deck

The labour shortage. It’s on every employer’s lips, especially in the trades. The Government of Alberta forecasts a shortage of 3,000 workers per occupation across 11 sectors by 2030. Counted

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Calgary’s Conversion Trend

Downtown has a problem. Calgary developers, urban planners and City number–crunchers have a solution. Conversions!  In simplified, nutshell terms, because the reasons and mitigating factors are complex, the commercial spaces

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The Calgary Market 2024

Calgary’s housing market is mostly positive, but 2024 continues the way 2023 ended: with trend-setting flux. Conventional single family, detached homes are down. Multi-family is up. And rentals are hot,

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Mortgage Rates vs. Real Estate

While the direct impact of spike mortgage rates on Calgary real estate can get complicated and a bit tricky, some analysts and experts suggest that it is a matter of

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The Market’s New Influencers

Calgary real estate, much like the real estate industry itself, is rooted in traditional routines and stereotypes. In the Calgary real estate market, references, updates and market trending is usually

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Soaring Above Expectations

The annual Alberta International Airshow is an exciting event for all ages, but its mission and vision go far beyond the thrill of the aircraft and aerial displays. The show

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