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Category: Management & Professional Services

Deal or No Deal?

Deal or no deal? All that’s left to do is determine the market value of the business. Tally the total of the assets. Add up the detailed breakdowns of everything

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CFO for hire

Barbara Palmegiani recalls her “a-ha” moment several years ago. Prior to joining BDO Canada as partner and national CFO services leader, she spent more than a dozen years helping lead

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‘Coach, put me in!’

Our workplace has forever changed. No surprise. A two-year global pandemic has a way of doing that. Yet it’s also spawned an opportunity for employers to re-examine their workplace culture

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Workplace of tomorrow, today

You don’t have to remind Kurby Court that the last year and a half has been a rollercoaster ride. He’s had a front-row seat. Court’s first day as president and

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Filling in the Gap with Value-Added Services

Companies that offer value beyond their core services increase profitability, maintain customer loyalty and sharpen their competitive advantage. Value-added services are a win-win situation that benefits both the service provider

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