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Category: August 2018

Calgary Co-op

When it comes to buying groceries, Calgarians have a lot of choice. From big-box American chains to local farmers markets, an ever-expanding multitude of entities vies for a share of

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All in a Day’s Forecast

Dressing for Calgary’s four seasons can be challenging. Sunny and warm one minute, cold and wet the next. And let us not forget the harsh Prairie winters that can linger

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Not Just Another Day at the Office

Bill Borger is familiar with the construction industry’s stereotype – a rough and tough group of workers whose common tongue is swearing and shouting. “In the traditional construction industry, that’s

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To Build or Renovate?

When it comes to the big decision to “build or renovate,” it’s understandable that it invariably conjures up residential properties. However, in the Calgary market, trends to build or renovate

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Ready for an Encore

Airlines do it. So do hotels. And an increasing number of theatres are doing it too. These businesses are adjusting their product prices in response to real-time supply and demand.

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Say Hello to Pipeline Canada

I was just starting my career as an economist at the time Trudeau the Elder was ruining the Canadian economy. From an economic perspective, the Elder did many strange things,

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Marketing Matters – August 2018

Advertising and public relations agencies are surely good indicators of the health of our business community, and positive updates from several of them indicate there is a bit of a

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