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Category: July 2018

2018 Leaders Awards

To be a great leader when times are good is a challenge enough; to be a great leader when times are bad, ensuring that one’s business lives to see the

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Black Forest Wood Co.

The Alberta government constantly uses fairness as a justification for its sweeping labour reforms. But the fairness principle needs to apply to small business owners as well. One policy in

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The Gung-Ho CEO

Most management consultants, business schools and MBA programs differ slightly but they all agree on the makings of a contemporary CEO: vision, leadership, strategic thinking and risk management. Equally important

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The Small Business Owner’s Dream

There’s an exciting and unique addition to Calgary’s vibrant and entrepreneurial retail landscape. “Smaller businesses have long wanted access to the same kind of shopping mall environment and the corresponding

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Road to Recovery

Positive momentum in Calgary’s commercial leasing sector has industry experts expressing muted optimism following years of downturn conditions. Yet some also warn it will take time before the sector returns

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Marketing Matters – July 2018

Karo has been a strong fixture in the Calgary market for almost 50 years so little wonder that when Toronto-based communications agency Rain was looking to expand its operations nationally

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The Efficient Workplace

Despite the impact of contemporary workplace factors like technology, communication, time management, mobility, flextime and work/life balance, some things never change. A reality Calgary developer and builder Centron used as

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ROI on Canvas Sponsorships

It’s unanimous! From Okotoks, Kelowna, Medicine Hat, Michigan, Munich, Tokyo and beyond, there is an undisputed consensus the Calgary Stampede is unique. Countless Stampede-isms create what is world renowned as

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