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Category: September 2017

Fifty Years Strong

In 1967, the city of Calgary was 73 years old. Its growing population had reached 335,806, making it the second-largest city in Alberta. Canada celebrated its centennial which, in Calgary,

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Taxpayers Need Plans, Not Platitudes

When asked how he’s going to balance the budget, Alberta Finance Minister Joe Ceci speaks in platitudes. His government is “bending the cost curve,” he insists. Over time, the government

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Reformation or Tax Warfare?

“We have a highly competitive business environment,” he quotes in the report. “Canada has a general corporate tax rate that is 12 percentage points lower than our largest trading partner,

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Luxury Real Estate in YYC

Real estate, in any market, is a business that can go up just as quickly as it can come down. The Calgary market is trying to make its way back

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The New United Conservative Party

Creation of the new United Conservative Party is now a fait accompli; all that remains is the election of a leader. There are two announced candidates, Jason Kenney and Brian

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How Tech Savvy Are You?

Technology continues to evolve and change the way we do everything – from buying clothes and groceries, to selling used items, to even buying and selling homes. Smartphones and tablets

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The New Normal of 2018

For more than two years, Calgary has rumbled with expert and wishful-thinking speculation about the oil industry’s new normal. Some experts are now daring to (quietly) suggest that it’s happening.

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