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Provides Drilling Industry MWD/LWD Solutions Locally and Internationally

Maria Katic, Ana Katic, Rochelle Schwab, Goran Kovrlija, Mike Novlesky, Ivan Katic, Barbara Katic. Photo by Riverwood Photography Inc.

Ivan Katic has a long and impressive resumé in the oil and gas industry. For decades, he has gained experience and expertise working on projects all over the world. Katic emigrated from Croatia to Calgary in 1991, starting work as an electrical engineer but later garnered hands-on experience in the field with measurement while drilling (MWD) projects.

“We started KAMBI Enterprises in 1999, with the support of Ted and Marge Dumont. We purchased the first MWD tensor tool and worked out of our home garage,” says Ivan Katic, president of KAMBI.

KAMBI Enterprises initially began providing MWD rental and maintenance services to directional drilling companies in the Calgary area. KAMBI grew and began adding new clients until there were not enough tools to service the number of new customers. Katic began hiring skilled shop personnel and managers and purchased additional tools to accommodate the burgeoning demand.

Outgrowing the home base and in need of an expansion, they purchased a property in 2005 in the Douglasdale Business Park. From there, KAMBI expanded its operations to Casper, Wyoming (with partner Darcy Dumont) and in 2009 to Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. KAMBI has clients in several thriving markets in the USA, Colombia, India, Croatia, Poland and other locations. In 2018, KAMBI Enterprises established KAMBI USA based in Conroe, Texas, where it provides MWD kits for purchase or to rent.

For the past 20 years, KAMBI has been one of the leaders in providing reliable measurement while drilling services to large and small oil and gas companies. The company specializes in well-bore navigation technology and data logging, while utilizing mud pulse and electromagnetic-based technologies. KAMBI strives to tailor client solutions to the challenges of drilling from straight to long horizontal, multi-lateral to slim-hole re-entry wells.

MWD tools allow oil companies to drill wells with extreme angles and to be more efficient while safely navigating the well formations. KAMBI provides clients with valuable drilling data information in real time, using accelerometers and magnetometers, gamma ray and resistivity sources, and then transmitting that information to the surface in real time or memory stored. MWD and LWD data indicate hole inclination and direction as well as formation resistivity and gamma-ray sensibility and helps drillers and geologists to drill optimal oil or gas wells.

KAMBI provides positive pulse MWD tools that use mud column pulses to transmit data to the surface; high-voltage EM tools that use cutting-edge electromagnetic technology that enhance drilling possibilities; near bit technology that provides greater geosteering capabilities for tighter formations; and gamma and resistivity tools that enhance geosteering accuracy inside the formation.

KAMBI has always prided itself on incorporating and developing the latest technology in order to better service its clients. The team stays at the forefront of technology, whether that’s incorporating wireless communication for instant access to information or using better sensors to offer the most accurate data. By implementing the newest advancements, KAMBI’s clients can now drill deeper as the tools can tolerate higher temperatures, and withstand more aggressive vibrations and higher pressure in the wells.

“We can access the formations that 20 years ago we couldn’t, not only with drilling but fracturing and extracting the carbons,” he says.
The combination of technology, product development, exceptional service and expertise in the field has made KAMBI a reliable drilling industry provider. While it may be a small business, it offers a huge wealth of knowledge for its clients. The staff is experienced in a variety of areas; whether it be through the utilization of fast-updating gamma logging EM tools or slim-hole energy-efficient mud pulse systems, KAMBI is up for the challenge.

The company has a small group of field consultants who have proven themselves over time and can be counted on to represent KAMBI’s high standards on site, every time. In fact, it’s the company’s reputation for integrity, professionalism and quality that has made it a go-to firm for clients, especially those with complicated high-profile wells or difficult drilling issues in demanding conditions. No matter what the situation or need, KAMBI can get the job done.

“We’ve worked on more than 2,500 wells over the years, in Canada, USA and internationally. The great thing is we are a small-scale operation so we can act fast and make quick decisions. We’re available to our clients 24-7,” says Goran Kovrlija, operations manager for KAMBI Enterprises.

Being an agile operation means the company can adapt to the rapidly changing business environment in the oil and gas industry without missing a beat. That has been critical to survival in Alberta’s ever-changing oil and gas sector. KAMBI also diversified its markets and is working with more international projects in order to weather the storm. With equal parts creativity and hard work, the team has been able to successfully navigate through the past recession.

“If you can’t make money you have to save money. You have to know what you can spend and what you can’t,” says Katic.

KAMBI has been able to reduce its overhead without sacrificing the quality product and service for which it is known. Despite the industry downturn and uncertainty in the Canadian marketplace, KAMBI is committed to continually providing industry-leading MWD services worldwide while helping oil and gas companies at home and abroad prosper again.
“Oil and gas has put this province, this city, on the map and the drilling industry has a lot of respect for Canadian companies. That’s a big deal,” says Kovrlija.

It’s just a matter of time before drilling in Canada picks up again, and when it does companies will look to the reliable, professional team at KAMBI Enterprises to move their drilling projects forward. KAMBI has served Canadian oil and gas companies for 20 years; they would like to thank their clients, suppliers, employees, and field personnel for their continuous support.