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40 Years in land development excellence made possible through relationships

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WATT Consulting Group is a multi-disciplinary engineering firm with regional presence across Western Canada including Victoria, Vancouver, Kelowna, Edmonton and Calgary. With a one-studio mindset, this dynamic team of engineers, technicians, land surveyors and planners dedicate their day-to-day professional skills to clients and projects that are shaping cities and communities. Services include civil engineering, geotechnical engineering, transportation engineering & planning, and geomatics & land surveying. The WATT team is united in a shared vision to be a recognized leader in the creation of vibrant and livable communities.

Calgary is known as one of the most livable cities in the world. Having made Calgary home for over four decades, WATT attributes the city’s unique culture of ‘neighbourhoods within a city’ as a driving factor of land development excellence. Each neighbourhood, whether new or reimagined, possesses its own identity. This, combined with Calgary’s favourable economy, family-friendly affordability and diverse talent pool makes the city an attractive business opportunity for land developers and visionaries. For WATT Consulting Group, Calgary represents all that we can look forward to as concepts of new urbanism take shape in the built environment.

Tania Wegwitz, vice-president of Transportation and senior planning consultant, attributes ‘made in Calgary’ solutions as one of the top drivers of successful communities in the city. “While we bring an objective lens from experience elsewhere to our Calgary transportation projects, it’s a ‘made in Calgary’ approach that helps facilitate the best conversations,” says Tania. “What makes these projects interesting is the challenges and opportunities associated with connectivity between neighbourhoods – whether it be cycling, walking, transit or the road network.”

New ideas are on fertile ground in Calgary. Brendan Stevenson, regional lead for WATT’s Transportation team in Alberta, attributes collaborative and dedicated teamwork as a primary driver for successfully pushing the envelope. “In our work on Alpine Park with Dream Development, we advocate for progressive, pedestrian-focused streets. The entire team works together, building off the City’s Complete Streets guide, to envision what works best for today’s communities.” The result is a streetscape that everyone is happy with, including the City of Calgary.

Many of WATT’s relationships span several decades and project phases. Jessica Barich, practice lead for Legal Surveys and project manager with WATT’s Geomatics Division, has been working for land development clients for the entirety of her 14-year career at WATT. The Cityscape project, a mixed-use development by Mattamy Homes, is just one example of a long-standing relationship built on exceptional customer service. “One thing that contributes to our long-term relationships with clients is that we always strive to be helpful. When our clients call us with a question we listen closely, even if it’s not within our direct role on the project and help direct them towards the solution.” For WATT’s team, client relationships are not limited by contractual terms, instead each relationship is viewed as a dynamic professional investment with long-term returns.

When it comes to what makes a project successful, Moh’d Al-Heneiti, vice-president of Civil Engineering and project manager believes it’s about teamwork. “Our work with Vesta Properties on Southpoint in Airdrie and Copperfield in Calgary is a success because of our adaptability to client requirements. Clear communication has been key to collaboration.” For Moh’d, reaching the milestone of Final Acceptance Certificate on behalf of clients and celebrating that achievement with the entire consulting team is what brings the most satisfaction. “Many of these projects span over four to five years. To reach the finish line with an excellent multi-disciplinary team, having achieved the client’s vision, is a great feeling.”

WATT’s values have remained the same while the company has modernized and grown. Today WATT is led by president and CEO Bruce Nelligan who first joined WATT Consulting Group in 2006 as manager of Transportation. Under his leadership, the company has remained focused on client relationships as the unique value-add that WATT brings to projects across Canada. “We have a fresh team of leaders who are genuinely invested in the success of our projects. What makes a project successful isn’t just about being on time and on budget. For WATT, success is also about the bonds created within project teams and the joy that comes from realizing a client’s dream together.”

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