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Cadeon Inc. Acts as Life Boat to Companies Drowning in Data

Niaz Tadayyon, Business Analytics Practice Lead and Phil Unger, CEO of Cadeon Inc.

The saying “knowledge is power” is true, but it only tells part of the story. The real power for today’s companies is found when they can apply that knowledge in order to facilitate quicker, more insightful decision-making, increased productivity, and access to the most relevant, high-quality data. As companies across sectors continue to struggle with finding the gems hidden in the deluge of corporate data, this transition from knowledge to wisdom can seem a daunting one. But for the past 10 years, Cadeon Inc. has been there to help companies manage their information, turning their data into dollars in the process.

“We are a trusted authority in turning information into money. We find the data and information that helps our customers get the most value,” says Phil Unger, CEO of Cadeon Inc.

For data to be valuable it needs to be accessible. Cadeon uses a system of people, processes and technology to organize information from a variety of sources so it is at users’ fingertips when they need it. By pulling together data from platforms including structured, semi-structured and unstructured data sets in various formats, Cadeon allows users to search a topic from within the data management tool to produce all the relevant information.

This is an invaluable service, especially for large companies involved in mergers and acquisitions. As a company acquires the assets of another, it is critical for management to be able to sort through all of the data quickly to more easily integrate the acquisition into operations or to get it up and running independently. Whether the tool is used for mergers and acquisitions, regulatory compliance, production optimization or another desired outcome, Cadeon is dedicated to offering a holistic, cohesive approach to solving data problems, all in a timely manner.

“We want to do projects in days and weeks not months and years, so we can show clients very quickly the value,” says Unger.

Each client is different and requires a unique, tailored solution. That’s why the company so highly values its people. Cadeon hires only the best team of data scientists and data analytics specialists, with the team boasting professionals with PhDs and master’s degrees in math who, most importantly, understand data and know exactly what to look for to add the most value. The experienced and highly-skilled team guides clients through the process, offering anything from data warehouse automation to data visualization, machine learning and artificial intelligence to virtualization, depending on the requirements and pain points of the company. By addressing the pain points or hurdles to achieving maximum value and efficiency, Cadeon’s clients can make data available and accessible across the company to eliminate redundancy, use the information to increase productivity, and use analytics to determine where to go next.

“Our job is to basically free the data from the silos where it’s trapped so clients can make the best business decisions possible,” he says.

Partnering with leading software and technology companies like Attivio, Cisco, SAS, DarkTrace, TIBCO Spotfire and others ensures that clients have the best framework from which to manage their data. And with its processes and tools garnering more than $300 million in efficiencies and profit for its around 60 clients, this small company is getting big attention.

Cadeon is now an independent vendor for General Electric and is participating in a huge project with Deloitte. The company was honoured with the Technology Innovator Award for the best data delivery platform in Canada by Corporate Vision magazine and Unger was nominated as the EY Entrepreneur of the Year.

Phil Unger and his team are proud to be a Calgary-based tech company pushing the envelope and introducing innovation in business. For 10 years, Cadeon has been driven by data and focused on solutions, and the team will continue to turn knowledge into wisdom for years to come.