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New name and brand identity for former Talisman Centre

Repsol Sport Centre.

One of Calgary’s leading multi-sport and recreation complexes has undergone a name and brand transformation. Repsol Sport Centre is the new corporate brand identity of the former Talisman Centre – the 34-year-old iconic tented facility located in the city’s centre on the banks of the Elbow River in the middle of Lindsay Park. Though its name has changed, Repsol Sport Centre remains one of Canada’s foremost training, competition and fitness facilities for elite and amateur athletes alike.

The name change (which became official on November 14, 2016) was precipitated by the acquisition of Talisman Energy Inc. (“Talisman”) by Repsol SA (“Repsol”) of Spain last February. Originally built in 1983 for the Western Canada Summer Games, it was renamed Talisman Centre in 2002 after the City of Calgary sold the naming rights to Talisman for $10 million for 20 years. In its takeover of Talisman, Repsol will continue the sponsorship legacy of Talisman.

The name change is accompanied by a new logo and colour scheme. The logo’s red and orange tent arches utilize Repsol’s branding colours and were designed to highlight the facility’s dual mandate, as directed by the City of Calgary, to support both members and sport partner athletes.

The new brand identity is prominent in the newly designed repsolsportcentre.com website, the mobile app, social media, facility branding, advertising and in branded merchandise. An animated logo video, viewable on the new website and social media, is also available.

“We believe Repsol Sport Centre is at the forefront of driving the best sport training, competition and fitness experiences in the industry,” says Jeff Booke, CEO of Repsol Sport Centre. “Just as our company has evolved, so too must our brand evolve to reflect the impact of our innovation and the value it brings to our members and sport partners.”

“Repsol is pleased to continue sponsoring this world-class sport and fitness facility, which represents a very important and long-standing commitment that was established as Talisman Energy and now continued as Repsol,” says Jim Hand, vice president of Repsol’s Canadian business unit. “We are proud to share a common vision of supporting the community through a facility that provides wellness and recreational opportunities for the citizens of Calgary and beyond.”

As a training facility for many of Canada’s Olympic, Paralympic and World Champion athletes, Repsol Sport Centre has aligned with Sport for Life’s long-term athlete development framework.