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Development that Connects Communities

Ash Mahmoud, president of Cairo Development. Photo by YYC-Headshots.com

In the Alberta construction sector, Cairo Development is a respected business success story, built on the three Rs. Relationships. Rapport. Reputation.

“Whether it is multi-family residential projects, development management, pre-construction management, construction management, construction consultancy or general contracting, our core focus is building relationships with our clients,” explains Ash Mahmoud, president of Cairo Development. “It is the key to always delivering first-class, value engineered construction services.”

Mahmoud’s 26 years of extensive development and construction experience has resulted in his involvement with completing more than 8,000 multi-family and commercial unit projects – ranging from mid-rise wood frame buildings to high-rise towers, townhomes and office to residential conversions. Cairo Development is acknowledged as a dynamic industry leader with past projects like The Fifth and the Cornerstone on 5 Street SW, and 10 multi-family projects currently under construction in Alberta including the River’s Edge on 8 Street SE, Kings Landing on 67 Ave SW, Ascent Canmore, Canmore Cascade, various projects in Edmonton and more.

He admits the real secret to Cairo’s design and development success and construction sector reputation is their highly skilled team members and network.

“It’s not only what we do, but how we do it. Our skilled and experienced design, development, engineering, project management and construction team is exceptional. Much of the credit for Cairo’s achievements and reputation goes to our high quality and innovative industry-leading procurement network. It allows us to effectively source the best materials, the best equipment, and the most up-to-date and efficient resources necessary to meet the unique requirements of each Cairo project.”

With years of Calgary construction and development savvy and experience, Mahmoud explains that, due to the transformational and hot Calgary real estate market, the popularity and demand for multi-family development in Calgary has never been stronger. He notes the trends and stats that for job opportunities in western Canada, especially in the Calgary area, many people move for the opportunities.

“Calgary’s demographics are changing and the average age is getting younger. It is why more and more companies prefer the available talent pool in Calgary. And the younger demographics, as well as GenX and Baby Boomers, are increasingly opting for flexibility in housing, like multi-family rentals.”

With tremendous development and real estate market expertise, Mahmoud is positive and enthusiastic, particularly about the Calgary market.

According to recent Calgary real estate stats and trending, migration is fueling demand for Calgary rentals and housing in general, and the younger demographic population growth, driven by Alberta’s strong economy, is dramatically boosting demand for new multi-family housing in Calgary.

Migration, growing demand, low availability, the popularity of rentals and other market trends are also a boost for Cairo Development. Alberta real estate trends and numbers underscore the strong market for multi-family development, and Calgary’s housing affordability is also a factor for the surging Calgary demand for multi-family homes.

Now, more than ever, the dynamics of the Calgary real estate market are creating an exciting opportunity for Cairo Development

The company is uniquely positioned and suited for the Calgary market demands, because efficient and innovative multi-family development is Cairo Development’s specialty and competitive edge.

“Our multi-family expertise sets us apart from competitors, who usually do many types of construction,” he points out. The unique construction sector difference about being multi-family development specialists provides Cairo with tremendous understanding for what the client wants and expects. “It enables us to create, design and deliver the final product, on time and on budget.”

But the Cairo Development bottom line is about more than the company’s solid business success. “We earn our reputation every day, with every project. Our client’s success is our success.”

“Ultimately, it’s about Calgary!” Ash Mahmoud adds with passion. “We are proud that our projects play a key role in Calgary’s urban development and help drive Calgary’s economic growth. Most importantly, our focus is delivering first-class, value engineered construction services that connect communities.”

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