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Prompt. Professional. Proudly Precision Plumbing.

Prompt. Professional. Proudly Precision Plumbing.

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It all started with a teenager in high school and evolved into a robust business that is still thriving three decades later. As a high school senior, Jerrod Clarke needed work experience credits to graduate so he decided to get on with a plumbing outfit to fulfil those requirements. At the end of the school year, he accepted the company’s offer of an apprenticeship and over the next 17 years, Clarke learned from seasoned journeymen and worked his way up to become the service manager. Then in August 2009, he left his job and struck out on his own with Precision Plumbing Ltd.

“I decided to go out on my own and I haven’t looked back. At the time I had no vision of what it was going to be. I thought it would be me and maybe I’d hire a guy or two and we’d do our thing,” says Jerrod Clarke, founder of Precision Plumbing Ltd. “We picked up some major contracts right off the bat and needed more people almost immediately.”

The business took off and Clarke quickly established Precision as a trusted company producing quality work and exceptional service for clients in Calgary and the surrounding area. His reputation for excellence and integrity attracted likeminded journeymen to the team, bringing with them expertise in residential and commercial plumbing and gas fitting. The engaging work and professionalism drew them in, but the atmosphere of family and respect has kept them there; the team has grown to 14 dedicated professionals with 13 service trucks on the road every day.

It has taken Precision Plumbing 15 years to build its solid foundation of people and skillsets and that strong base has allowed the company to grow and prosper. It’s a company built on relationships, and while it has incredible rapport with suppliers and long-time repeat clients, it’s the connections in-house that make the business what it is. The staff works hard every day but having fun together and enjoying each other’s company tends to lighten the workload. Many of Clarke’s employees have been with the company for years, and in today’s labour-strained market where hardworking, committed tradespeople are hard to come by, this loyalty is noteworthy.

“When you have guys who have stuck around for 10 years, I think that speaks for itself. We really try to treat our people well – we’re on the higher end of the pay scale, have great benefits, good company trucks, we take pride in and look after our tools, and every day is different, and that variety keeps things interesting,” Clarke says.

Precision’s broad business scope means the team can be called out for a toilet repair, a gas line installation or anything in between. Whether a client needs their boiler system serviced in an apartment complex or a leaky pipe repaired at home, no job is too big or too small for the Precision team. They work on residential renovations and custom builds and home service and repair just as proudly as they serve the commercial needs of big box stores, restaurants and grocery chains. The full-service operation runs the gamut of plumbing, gas fitting and drain cleaning services using the latest technology and equipment. It also offers 24-hour emergency support to address issues whenever they may happen. Precision prides itself on providing fast and effective solutions to reduce downtime, and clients can trust that the job will be done fast and done right. Clarke is so confident in his team that he offers a 100 per cent satisfaction guarantee to back every job.

Knowing that quick turnaround contributes to high customer satisfaction, Precision maintains an impressive warehouse of inventory and keeps trucks well stocked in advance of deployment. This ensures that the team always has a supply of pipes, fittings and fixtures at their fingertips and is prepared for virtually anything they could encounter on a job site. If a unique problem requiring an out-of-the-box solution arises, Precision can quickly source products to get the job done thanks to its great relationship with the industry’s best suppliers.

“We rely on our suppliers but we’re not constantly chasing parts like a lot of guys are,” says Clarke. “We have it right here, and these days with supply chain issues, that’s worth its weight in gold.”

All the supplies in the world are meaningless without the skilled hands applying them. No matter what the job or situation, there is a journeyman on the team who has seen it before and has an efficient solution at the ready. The decades of experience across the company means Precision always has a plan to address such assignments as overflowing sewer systems, poly-B replacements, installing new appliances, clearing out clogged drains or repairing defective hot water tanks.

“If you don’t know something, one of the other guys here surely does. We all come together as a group and there really is nothing we can’t handle as a team. That’s pretty powerful,” he says.

To make sure this knowledge capital is not only preserved but also grows, Precision Plumbing incorporates mentoring into its business model. The company currently has two apprentices on staff who are receiving on-the-job training in areas that don’t get covered in trade school. After all, Precision is in a niche market and that hands-on training and experience is critical to the company’s ability to continue providing great service to clients as it grows.

Clarke is always open to opportunities to grow and evolve the business even further, whether that is contemplating a push into HVAC services in the future or looking for a new space as Precision outgrows its current location. Precision Plumbing has become a benchmark in the industry and while Clarke is proud of all that the company has accomplished, he acknowledges that he couldn’t have done it alone. Besides his incredible staff who represent the company so well every day, he credits his wife, Lindsay, for helping make it all possible behind the scenes.
“We have a fantastic employee base now, and even though Lindsay isn’t involved in the day-to-day operations, she is key to the business. She has sacrificed a lot and I don’t take that lightly,” he says.

With a strong team forming the company’s foundation and the steadying support from home, Jerrod Clarke and Precision Plumbing is ready for whatever the next 15 years has in store.

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