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Hull in One


Bob Harris, the tremendously-respected and tireless Calgary booster and Centron CEO.

It’s scary, disturbing and an unfortunately real fact of Calgary life: one-in-five children struggle with a mental health challenge.

They live in neighbourhoods across Calgary. They live next door. They go to the school down the street. Many have experienced trauma due to physical and sexual abuse, neglect, loss, grief and more. There is documented proof the trauma can lead to serious mental health issues like depression, anxiety, substance abuse and even thoughts of suicide.

It is a vital Calgary cause and Bob Harris, the tremendously-respected and tireless Calgary booster and Centron CEO, has stepped up to the plate – or tee box. And he is inviting Calgarians to join him at September’s Hull in One Golf Classic to make a difference for children in need.

“Calgary is one of Canada’s most diverse cities. We are known for being welcoming, strong and home to over a million Calgarians,” Harris says. “We all have a common goal of making it a home that is fuelled with the support of the community and securing the future for our coming generations.”

Calgary’s Hull Services is a registered charitable organization that provides leading-edge and effective behavioural and mental health services for children and families.

“Choosing Hull was an easy choice for Centron,” he says with passion and positivity. “We have long-standing relationships with Hull and really believe in their overall vision.”

According to Hull, “Mental health problems have a huge impact on a child’s development and it greatly impacts their ability to build positive relationships with friends and family, and to thrive in the community. Nearly 75 per cent of all mental health problems in adults begin in childhood.”

The Calgary group emphasizes that childhood mental health issues don’t just end. “Kids don’t just grow out of them. Without intervention and support, unhappy, angry children become unhappy, angry adults.”

Fore! The September 13th Hull in One Golf Classic at Heritage Pointe Golf Club is just one recent high-profile Centron example of the focus and commitment to giving back.

Harris points out that giving results in an amazing feeling and creates positivity among Centron employees and colleagues within his industry.

“Centron provides outstanding quality buildings that will stand in our city for current and future generations. Hull is helping our future generations thrive,” Harris adds. “We hope to continue to support their phenomenal organization in the future.

Like other respected Calgary business leaders, Harris acknowledges that the past couple of downturn years have been challenging but feels that it has not made a dent in the Calgary spirit of giving. “With recovery within reach, we hope the spirit for giving increases to match Calgary’s spirit for caring.

“We’re proud to live in a city that has a unique legacy of caring. Seeing the compassion that Calgarians have for others, and the care and time they contribute to their communities, makes this a great place to live.”

For more information, or to register or sponsor the Hull in One Classic at Heritage Pointe on September 13th, contact Alana Barron at 403-831-6457 or