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Stonewater Developments Making its Mark in Commercial Developments

Anthony De Almeida, Chris Corriveau and Kevin Graham. Photo by Michael Cudjoe Photography Ltd.

Stonewater Developments was destined for success. Its sister company, Stonewater Homes, spent the past nearly 10 years paving the way. Since 2008, Stonewater Homes has been building high-end traditional and contemporary homes in some of Calgary’s most coveted neighbourhoods. Partners Kevin Graham and Chris Corriveau used their years of management and construction experience to grow Stonewater Homes into a well-respected builder of high-quality custom homes, and last year they expanded the operation to include commercial projects with the introduction of Stonewater Developments.

“It would be tough to open a business with no track record and no credibility. Stonewater Homes has an excellent name so we’ve just mirrored it on the commercial side,” says Anthony De Almeida, chief operating officer of Stonewater Developments.

Starting out in a time when the Alberta economy was uncertain at best, this one-year anniversary is a real accomplishment. Despite the economy, the staff at Stonewater says there is plenty to celebrate. They recognized the opportunity for commercial work in the province, as many of their clients on the residential side were looking for an exceptional builder to help with their professional property needs as well. Stonewater Developments was awarded some great contracts right out of the gate which has opened the door for other opportunities. Management is excited to build on the success of both the homes and the developments divisions by taking on new projects that apply their philosophy of service and quality.

In just one year, Stonewater Developments has proven itself a leader in many commercial areas including hospitality, medical, multi-family developments and retail. Stonewater recently worked on a major renovations project with a large hotel chain in Alberta and Saskatchewan that involved everything from interiors to swimming pools and stucco. The company has also made its mark in the medical field, working on new and renovated clinics and spas.

Clients in all areas appreciate Stonewater’s approach as much as they do the impressive end result. Stonewater Developments adheres to an upfront, honest philosophy toward business management. Theirs is a policy of full disclosure and openness. The team presents clients with trade and material costs for the project, the best options for any situation, and invoices to keep people apprised of progress every step of the way. They also create realistic timelines and stick to those schedules. After all, they know that every day the doors are closed costs clients money so they employ multiple shifts to minimize downtime.

“Upfront planning, communication and managing client expectations effectively is the main reason why we are able to finish these jobs on time and on budget,” De Almeida says.

And he is proud of the company’s ability to deliver on its promises. No matter what clients need, Stonewater is available to help. The team’s breadth and years of experience provide a unique perspective that can make a project run smoother while saving clients money.

“We want to do whatever the client wants but we have been around long enough to know what will work and what won’t and what’s most cost effective. It’s not just about getting a product out or getting a business open. It’s about doing it the right way,” says Chris Corriveau, president of Stonewater Developments.

The team can manage a client’s existing design or start the process from the beginning by connecting them with one of Stonewater’s architectural and design partners. Then they can work through the entire process with them, step by step. By creating the schedules, obtaining permits, ensuring everything adheres to code, estimating costs, acquiring the right subcontractors for the job and offering financial options if necessary, Stonewater’s project managers make the process hassle-free for clients.

Both in the office and onsite, Stonewater’s highly-trained staff and partners provide quality service on every project. They are professional, accountable and efficient, staying at the forefront of technology to ensure they are giving customers the best possible product. And the company’s dedication to customer satisfaction shines through in every step of the process.

Going the extra mile for customers has helped establish Stonewater’s reputation in commercial construction, and the attention to detail has not gone unnoticed. Word-of-mouth recommendations attract new clients while positive experiences for existing clients keep the fledgling company on speed dial for future projects. In fact, about 70 per cent of projects come from repeat clients. As a boutique developer, Stonewater makes sure to cultivate strong relationships with clients, investing the time to get to know them and their needs to guarantee satisfaction.

“It’s all about relationship building and reputation. Stonewater Homes has never wavered from quality and consistency, and we’ve continued that in the commercial side. That’s what brings people back. People want to deal with a trusted company,” says Kevin Graham, president of Stonewater Homes.

Being trusted means providing quality craftsmanship at a fair price, having good communication throughout a project and standing behind the product. A builder can’t do that alone. It’s only possible with solid relationships in the industry. Stonewater Homes has spent years aligning itself with the best in the business, developing a network of quality professionals, trades and subcontractors. Now Stonewater Developments can benefit from these efforts by sharing access to these tried-and-tested partners for its own projects as well.

As it enters its second year, Stonewater Developments continues to bring in new clients and tackle new and challenging projects. Besides servicing Alberta clients, management is looking at expanding into development projects in the United States as well.

“We’ve decided to move to the next level and we’re exploring other opportunities,” De Almeida says.

With a successful freshman year under its belt, Stonewater Developments is confident that 2017 will be another great year filled with opportunities and growth.