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Providing Energy Solutions for the Future


SECURE CEO, Rene Amirault, knows what it takes to grow a company.

Throughout his early career, Amirault held various positions at Imperial Oil Ltd. and Canadian Crude Separators (CCS) in sales and marketing, business development and corporate development. From 2001 to 2006, he held the position of vice president of Corporate Development at CCS.

He left CCS in 2006, and through his strong network and the trust he had built, customers continued to reach out for help with treatment and disposal of oil, water and waste. To meet these industry needs, SECURE Energy, a midstream infrastructure services company was formed by five people in 2007. Amirault joined the team soon after and was appointed president, chief executive officer and director of the Board.

“Our values were based around treating others as you want to be treated, helping the customer, and acting with honesty and integrity,” he explains. “The culture was very entrepreneurially driven. We had a simple vision and that was to grow to be a billion-dollar company.”

The first step toward achieving this lofty goal brought the fledgling company south of Grande Prairie where SECURE opened an oilfield waste Class II landfill facility. Over the next eight years, the company grew organically and through acquisition and by 2015 had added another 36 facilities to its portfolio – growing from six to over 1,400 employees across Western Canada and North Dakota.

Despite its size, SECURE remained agile and when the bottom fell out of the energy sector in 2016, the team quickly pivoted. They negotiated long-term contracts, established anchor tenants, and generated more recurring revenue while diversifying the business by adding industrial clients on the fluids management and reclamation side.
Even through the challenges of the past several years, the company continued to grow its production-based midstream division and introduced feeder pipeline systems while increasing its capabilities in drilling, production and environmental services businesses through acquisitions.

In 2021, SECURE announced a plan to grow again, this time through a merger with Tervita, that brought the company’s employee base to around 2,200, increased its Indigenous partnerships to 20, and expanded its service offerings and geographic reach. The new SECURE integrated the strengths of both companies to better serve clients and was careful to preserve the culture of collaboration and entrepreneurship that made both so successful.

“Now we’ve advanced our ESG goals with this larger network, and we have specific short-term water reduction and emissions goals. We also have a larger recurring revenue base and long-term contracts, and that feeds into a stronger balance sheet,” he says. “We truly believe this will enable us to have growth opportunities for the next five or 10 years.”

Some of these growth opportunities include accommodating the diverse processing, treatment and disposal needs of clients by adding on to existing facilities rather than developing new ones. SECURE is also looking at ways to grow its ESG opportunities, whether that’s through CO2 injection, building water pipelines to reduce the amount of fluids transported by diesel trucks, capitalizing on hydrogen opportunities, or recycling and maximizing the oil recovery out of waste.

Always with sustainability in mind, today’s SECURE offers tailored solutions spanning the life of the project with expertise in environmental impact, drilling fluids, flowback waters and waste disposal, and ultimately remediation and reclamation. The company has become a trusted one-stop shop for efficient customer-driven solutions for its many clients across several industries.

“We were one of the first companies in our peer group to really embrace ESG and produce an ESG Sustainability Report,” Amirault says. “Our mission is to help our customers have the lowest cost energy in the world and also have the highest ESG standards.”

SECURE’s help also extends to the communities in which it works. Through a fundraising event that involved clients, vendors and staff, the company made contributions of more than $637,000 to the Red Cross supporting Ukraine, KidSport, The Alex, Calgary Food Bank and Providence. SECURE has donated an additional $340,000 to charities and regional local community initiatives as of the end of June 2022 as well as local causes important to staff in all of SECURE’s 120+ locations.

Despite its incredible growth, SECURE has continued to connect with communities, provide individual service to clients, and foster strong business and personal relationships. As Amirault and his team celebrate 15 years, they are excited for a future that finds them part of the made-in-Canada solution to the world’s energy deficiency.

The future is bright, and SECURE is looking beyond this anniversary to ensure the business is around for many more anniversaries to come.

“The ultimate vision here is that we have a 50-year history and the team that’s in place today grows and develops the next decade’s leaders and so on,” concludes Rene Amirault. “There’s a lot of emphasis on employee development because we want successors. We want our people to grow. We want them to be tomorrow’s leaders.”

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