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2019 Women of Inspiration Awards

Stepping into the spotlight


Monica Kretschmer, founder of the Women of Inspiration Awards, says, “I now understand what it feels like to be nominated and recognized for my personal and professional achievements. The process is rigorous. The work behind the scenes requires a commitment. The validation of acknowledgment through this award is heartfelt … and fuels me to keep forging ahead with my vision.

“As a woman advocating for women, I’m proud to have been awarded a 2019 Business in Calgary Leader Award. Stepping into this spotlight enables me to make a more significant impact to serve others. I am passionate about celebrating the achievements of women, and I applaud women who have the courage to step into the spotlight for themselves.”

It is critical for role models to pave the path for others. As a result, Kretschmer has taken on the enormous challenge to honour women locally, nationally and globally. The Women of Inspiration Awards has expanded nationwide with gala awards in Calgary and Toronto, celebrating 23 diverse categories in each city.

A significant commitment of sponsors, stakeholders and volunteers is required to support the event, elevate the achievements and position Canada as a leader globally in advancing women. Kretschmer is pleased to have created a premier celebration attracting dignitaries, celebrities, global players and influencers.

“It’s not your usual awards,” she says. “It’s a public event showcasing the evolution of the role of women. Our program is designed to feature the talents of female artists and motivational keynotes, enable companies to attend as a vehicle to recognize leaders within their organization not to mention the outstanding women (and men) who have been nominated from diverse backgrounds, ages and stages of life and careers. We are trailblazing a global empowerment program, advocating for women and men who champion for women to come together to celebrate.”

The Women of Inspiration Awards is a masterfully-crafted multimedia platform building on Kretschmer’s BIG vision for 2019 and beyond. Her dream is a universal awards program, creating an inclusive and sustainable network to elevate inspiring women and the men who SupportHER. Kretschmer concludes, “My vision is fuelled with embracing diversity and disrupting barriers. My vision is fuelled by making meaningful connections, elevating female role models, forging strategic partnerships and including key stakeholders in creating space to help advance women in business. As my vision grows, it will continue to welcome men to the conversation. Inspiring role models make a difference. Awards make a difference.”

Check the website for corporate tables and ticket availability. Contact Monica Kretschmer for sponsorship opportunities.