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Busy on the outside. Calm on the inside.


You can stay calm and collected because your group benefit plan is taken care of by Alberta Blue Cross®. Your employees can manage their own health, dental, life and disability coverage online—any time, on any device, making it easier for them and you.


Digital enrolment for your employees

Our member self-enrolment platform is:

  • paperless and contactless: you won’t have to spend time completing an application form and getting it signed because everything is done online;
  • faster: employee enrolments are received instantly, meaning your employees can access their benefits sooner; and
  • efficient: our online process is error-free and guides employees through each step, so you can spend time focusing on other things.


For employers—manage benefit plans on the go

Our convenient and secure administration site is here for employers when you need it, so you can

  • keep track of each employee’s enrolment,
  • see your statement of account,
  • add or remove employees right away and receive confirmation in real time,
  • sign up for preauthorized payments for your monthly fees, and
  • view contracts, booklets and employee ID cards.


For employees—Alberta Blue Cross app and member site

We’ve made accessing benefits easy. Employees can expect a convenient, personalized experience whether they are using the member site or app.


Simplified sign in and easy access to ID cards.

  • Use fingerprint or facial recognition to sign in with the app.
  • The member’s ID card is the first thing they’ll see when signing in; this provides instant access to the most important plan information.


Plan members can also enjoy the following:

  • Online claims submission and real-time claims history—for faster payment on claims and to review submitted-claim status.
  • Our health benefit lookup—an easy way to look up eligibility for health benefits and to see how much of a benefit has been used.
  • Balance®—our online wellness program.
  • Direct bill provider lookup.


Flexible benefits made easy

Selecting benefits can be overwhelming for your employees, and time consuming for you to administer. The Alberta Blue Cross Flex benefit selection tool can help. Flex provides a simple and personalized digital experience for your employees. With a mobile-friendly platform and simple navigation, they can find the information they’re looking for and select or view their benefits at any time, on any device.

With intuitive administrator training and onboarding support, you’ll be able to transition to our Flex tool with ease, making managing your benefit plan easy and stress-free for you, and your employees.


Find out how we make benefits easy

Visit us at ab.bluecross.ca or call 1-866-498-5925.


®*The Blue Cross symbol and name are registered marks of the Canadian Association of Blue Cross Plans, an association of independent Blue Cross plans. Licensed to ABC Benefits Corporation for use in operating the Alberta Blue Cross Plan. ®†Blue Shield is a registered trade-mark of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association.

Balance® is a registered mark of the Canadian Association of Blue Cross Plans, an association of independent Blue Cross plans.