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Calgary Jewellery Carries on its Legacy while Redefining Luxury


Building on the foundation laid over 65 years by three generations, Calgary Jewellery is set to carry on its legacy towards a new chapter that will Redefine Luxury.

Les and Dora Florence first opened doors in 1955 building Calgary Jewellery into a thriving and welcoming business for the generations to come. Now onto its 65th year, Calgary Jewellery is a respected business where many families have built long-lasting memories. While it is no secret that jewellery is beautiful and easy to admire, great jewellery evokes a powerful deep-rooted sense of happiness in all of us. From loose diamonds to beautifully curated designs, Calgary Jewellery houses both national and international jewellery brands while offering its customers the choice of designing their jewellery.

Additionally, Calgary Jewellery has the largest selection of more than 20 Swiss watch brands, some of which are exclusive to the business. They also carry a wide selection of giftware ranging from luxury pens, notebooks and leather goods to exquisite pieces of crystal art from France.

In 2004, Calgary Jewellery went through a complete renovation that welcomed modernization in its design and service that helped in the acquisition of new brands. More importantly, they saw a growing increase in customers who felt intrigued and welcomed into the new space.

Over the past 15 years, Calgary Jewellery has had the honour of bringing smiles to many faces and has built countless memories while serving the people of Calgary in its 2500 sq. ft. of retail space.

Now in 2020, Calgary Jewellery is working towards taking a step into the future where luxury as we know it is set to be redefined. Carrying on the legacy of offering exceptional jewellery and timepieces via excellent personalized customer service, Calgary Jewellery will be moving two

blocks west to 1317 – 17th Avenue in 2021 from its current location of 1201 – 17th

Avenue. With an upgraded retail space of over 6000 sq. ft. plus a second floor that will house its administration office and a patio for exclusive events, Calgary Jewellery is excited to once again be a landmark in the city of Calgary.