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Canadian Legacy Project Supporting Veterans in their Times of Need


From October 24 to November 12, Canadian Legacy Project is presenting their annual Veterans Funding Drive to support our veterans in their time of need. Canadian Legacy Project builds and supports programs that are not funded or underfunded by Veterans Affairs to assist veterans with transitioning back to civilian life. These national programs focus on housing, food, mental health, education and employment.

One of the charity’s newer programs is called Business Boot Camp. This free program guides veteran entrepreneurs through starting their own business. Once participants graduate, they are armed with a business plan and support network for their new business to be successful. There are many programs designed to help veterans secure employment after their service but very few that offer support to start their own business. Since the program started, there have been 260. New in 2022, Canadian Legacy Project has helped the Homes For Heroes Foundation launch the Veteran Tenant and Moral Fund. The fund is designed to help the Homes For Heroes veteran tenants with some key living and support expenses, such as medical supplies and fees, pharmaceutical supplies, bus passes, physical activity programs, emergency transportation, replacement identification costs, etc. Also new in 2022 is Mobile Canteen, a program designed to help our veterans across Canada that are living in poverty. Homelessness and food security are issues that veterans should not have to worry about, but across Canada there are some who are experiencing both. Canadian Legacy Project has partnered with select food trucks across Canada to present Mobile Canteen which offers a free hot meal to veterans in need. The program brings a sense of community at a time when these veterans otherwise could feel isolated and alone. Look for the Mobile Canteen decal at your favourite food truck in Canada.

Canadian Legacy Project is a registered charity and is volunteer directed, so support goes to those in need. Because of COVID-19, the need for Canadian Legacy Projects’ programs is at an all-time high, but donations are at an all-time low. This is a challenging time across the country, and the charity is asking Canadians to lend a hand to our veterans financially, by volunteering, or simply by thanking these incredibly brave men and women for their service to Canada.

“The willingness of our Canadian veterans to sacrifice for our country has earned them our lasting gratitude. Canadian Legacy Projects supporters are a special type of people that change lives, lift people up and make the world a better place,” noted Tom Howard, vice president of Canadian Legacy Project. Further details on all Canadian Legacy Projects service offerings can be found on their website at canadianlegacy.org.