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Lifelong Calgarian Brings Award Winning Floor Coverings International to Calgary

Debbie Esayenko.

Sometimes you just know it’s time, and for Debbie Esayenko, being laid off for the third time in two years was the sign. “For me, the final layoff was my indicator it was time to actively pursue my dream,” says Esayenko. Last November, she launched operations as a new franchise owner with Floor Coverings International, visiting customers’ homes in a Mobile Flooring Showroom stocked with thousands of flooring samples from top manufacturers. Floor Coverings International – South Calgary, serves clients throughout Calgary South and Okotoks.

Esayenko previously worked in sales and business development for more than 20 years, including time at three Fortune 500 companies, giving her a broad business background. But when it finally came time to pursue her own passion, she wasn’t quite sure what she wanted to do, though her passions have always been “fitness, fashion, food and design.” After much research Esayenko discovered and fell in love with Atlanta-based Floor Coverings International.

“Floor Coverings International hit me hard. I was sold on it for several reasons.”

Esayenko said. “I was blown away when I saw the amazing new flooring and tile options available with this company. I love the Floor-to-Your-Door concept and the full-size sample boards we bring to customers. We have Design Associates but I truly love the business and helping match exquisite and practical flooring solutions right in the home. It’s so much easier when you can see all the colors and surrounding décor that’s already in place in the home.”

In Floor Coverings International, Esayenko found a company that has tripled in size since 2005 by putting a laser focus on consumer buying habits and expressed desires, its impressive operating model, growth ability, marketing, advertising, and merchandising.

Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected every part of our lives. Floor Coverings International utilizes a number of preventative safety precautions to keep both clients, franchise owners and their employees safe.

“With COVID-19 people are wanting to live in their version of beauty, while sharing that environment with friends and family. Their surrounding space has become a priority and they are valuing it and upgrading it,” Esayenko concludes.