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RNDSQR Block Brings Something for Everyone

Rendering of RNDSQR Block at 1230 + 1234 9 Ave SE. Completion 2024-2025.

RNDSQR (Round•Square) is an award-winning Calgary-based developer that builds up inner-cities through thoughtful place-making, putting their users experience at the forefront. RNDSQR is a small team striving for bigger impacts with less impact, partnering with community-minded businesses to promote collisions and enhance the day-to-day life of their owners and tenants. It’s simple, RNDSQR designs and builds for people.

They aspire to create smarter cities, where human-based design is the first step in creating any infrastructure, where artists’ inclusion is in the early stages of development. Where you can walk or bike to a coffee shop, where the barista knows your name and where our history and future interweave into a vibrant community fabric that covers everyone. When cities are built-up instead of built-out, less waste is created, less loneliness and a new way of collaborating. RNDSQR does this for a more well-designed future.

RNDSQR Block is a step in this direction. The design considers how people interface with the building and puts their experience first. Block will see the heritage designation of the historic CIBC building, a revamp of the lawn bowling turf and making the area more accessible for all users. RNDSQR is thrilled to be joining the Inglewood community and looks forward to revitalizing the corner of 9th Avenue and 12 Street.

RNDSQR hears many companies say that they ‘create community’—and admit they are even guilty of this. What they have come to realize is that companies don’t create communities; like-minded people with shared values do. RNDSQR can not do this project alone. People are needed to rally around the idea that sharing and collaborating will create a better future for everyone. RNDSQR will provide the space and the design, but are asking you, the community, to bring the warmth, love and ultimately the life to the space.