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The VAULTS Celebrates Phase Two Development



Owners, new buyers and those interested in the VAULTS were on hand September 14 to celebrate phase two of the development – Canada’s premier luxury storage condominiums. The celebration event was an opportunity to view completed phase one units, the show suite, enjoy the owners’ clubhouse, and see the work that has been completed to date on phase two.

“We’re creating a lifestyle around what you store,” explains James Murray, vice president of the VAULTS. “Whether it’s your car, boat, RV or arts/painting that you have – we believe you love that, so it’s not just sticking it into storage but rather it’s creating a lifestyle around what you’re storing.”

Owned rather than rented, each VAULT unit includes a mezzanine and a three-piece bathroom. There are five different format sizes, ranging from 1,650 square feet (1,200 on the floor and 450 in the mezzanine) to 4,000 square feet (3,000 on the floor and 1,000 in the mezzanine).

“When you step into a VAULT you really appreciate the volume,” Murray explains. “The ceiling is 27 feet high. We’ve done everything from looking at the height of the underside of the mezzanine. So if you drive an RV or anything legally on the road, you can get it underneath our mezzanine – which allows you to use the entire floor space of an individual unit.” He adds that a car lift can also be installed.

Each unit can be customized according to the individual owner’s tastes. “Whether you’re putting a home office in the mezzanine or you’re creating an entertainment space – a bar, TV, couches, pool table – whatever the case is, it’s a comfortable space for you,” Murray explains.

There are two designers on the team and owners typically do some enhancements – ranging from basic to elaborate – to their units. “In one of our larger units we have three different graffiti artists that have been commissioned to come in and do specific graffiti art,” Murray says.

Phase one, which was completed this summer, comprises 10 units, while phase two has nine units. Phases three and four will have 10 and 14 units respectively. Unit owners hold individual title and can sell their units, which are individually metered.

In addition to their own unit, owners are able to use the clubhouse, which features five large TVs, a bar and a mezzanine. “They can also host an event in there,” Murray says. “We have the double doors, so they can drive a vehicle in and make it part of the event.” There is also a private wash bay for owners’ use.

While vehicle storage is the main purpose, VAULT units can also be used for inspirational space – for example by an amateur artist desiring a loft below the gallery – as long as it has a storage element to it. “You can’t run a business out of there, though you may own it as a business,” Murray explains. “The intention is not for commercial activity because it’s a secure premise. The entire perimeter once complete will be all concrete walls, a minimum of 27 feet high, with two large doors that open with a fob.”

The VAULTS is located at 1750 120 Avenue NE (at the intersection of Deerfoot and Stoney Trails). “It has quick access, which is really important,” Murray adds.