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Logel Homes Celebrates Grand Award for Third Year in a Row and Takes Home Four Additional Wins at BILD Calgary Region Awards

The Multi-Family Residential Builder Attributes its Success to its Dedication to Providing Exceptional Customer Service, Best-in-Class Locations and Customization Options

Logel Homes President and CEO, Tim Logel

Logel Homes took home the Grand Award for Multi-Family Large Volume Builder of the Year at the BILD Calgary Region 2022 Awards for the third year in a row on Saturday, April 22. The team won in four additional categories: Best New Multi-Family Home Design – 600 to 899 sq. ft. for The Pratt; Best New Multi-Family Home Design – 900 to 1,199 sq. ft. for The Cohen 2ES; Best Apartment Style – up to $230,999 for the Carr 2; and Best Apartment Style – $331,000 to 430,999 for the Cohen 2. The highly anticipated BILD Calgary Region (BILDCR) Awards showcase exceptional work within the development, renovation, and home-building industry in Calgary. Logel Homes continues to demonstrate excellence in design coupled with outstanding customer experiences, the culmination of which has resulted in these wins.

“I attended my first BILD Calgary Region awards in 1988, so it is a dream come true for me to be awarded the Multi-Family Large Volume Builder of the Year Grand Award for the third year in a row,” says Logel Homes president and CEO, Tim Logel. “After working in the industry for four decades, it’s both an honour and reward to be working with a dedicated, talented team that is focused on quality, exceptional floorplans, and providing positive experiences for our customers.” Logel Homes is focused on providing housing solutions to a diverse group of customers with a variety of ever-evolving needs, wants, and price ranges, in the best locations in Calgary. The Logel Homes team is passionate about building each home with thoughtfully designed layouts, affordable luxury and environmental sustainability in mind. For instance, each Logel Home is outfitted with an energy-efficient Energy Return Ventilation (ERV) system, and they are a long-standing member of Built Green Canada.

It comes as no surprise that Logel Homes’ condos are best-in-class when it comes to the building industry which is why they received 12 finalist nominations in categories spanning from Best Apartment Style and Best New Multi-family Home Design, to Sales Team of the Year and Best Sales and Information Centre. Some of Logel Homes’ exciting new projects include Livingston Views Condos and Towns, Sage Walk Condos and Towns and Seton West Condos, with their newest addition being Street Towns in Silverton. The BILDCR Award winners are selected through a merit-driven process by highly qualified judges from Calgary and the region, who are chosen for their expertise in their respective fields. Logel Homes plans to open three new exciting projects this fall.