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Making Meals and Memories in Luxury Outdoor Kitchens

BY: BIC | MARCH 1, 2024


when Ernie Lussier and his wife, Lesley, renovated their home in 2011, they knew they wanted an incredible outdoor space. He had worked in the construction industry his entire adult life and had a vision of what he wanted to build: an outside extension of their home with all the comforts of a luxury kitchen. Accessing the products he wanted turned out to be more challenging than he imagined and as he scrambled to put together his space, he saw opportunity.

“The elements I wanted were in the U.S. and they didn’t sell to Canada. They said to talk to this guy or that guy. I told them they were missing the boat,” says Ernie Lussier, president and owner of Canada Outdoor Kitchens, and he was more than happy to take the wheel and skipper that ship. The result was Canada Outdoor Kitchens established in 2013, which allowed people to get heaters and smokers, grills and flattops, power burners and pizza ovens along with quality cabinets to house them, all from one retailer. Lussier did his research to make sure he partnered with the best manufacturers in the business so he could deliver an outdoor space that was not only functional but also looked amazing. Using his own space as a showroom, Lussier grew his company in Alberta and then expanded to include branches in Kelowna and Vancouver Island. In 10 short years, Canada Outdoor Kitchens has become experts in the field, creating quality outdoor spaces that families can enjoy for much of the year. “We’re the outdoor living specialists. We’re a full design, supply and install operation,” he says. “We create a lifestyle that brings you closer to friends, family and loved ones so you can make memories.”

Lussier wants clients’ dream spaces to bring happy memories that last a lifetime so even his entry-level appliances and cabinets are among the best in the industry. Every element is made to withstand Canada’s harsh climate so clients don’t have to worry about rust, corrosion or UV damage turning the dream into a nightmare. The company incorporates high-quality products like cabinetry from TuClad Outdoor Kitchens and JW Outdoor Cabinets, countertops from Dekton by Cosentino, Alfa and FORNO ovens and barbeques by Lynx Grills and Concorde Distributing, making it easy for them to stand behind their work. To better bring customized kitchens to life, Lussier brought in Nghia Du, a talented fabricator with 21 years’ experience, to operate Canada Outdoor Kitchens’ inhouse CNC machine. This significant investment sets the company apart, allowing the team to control the schedule and quality of their custom work so they can meet deadlines while maintaining their high standards. The end result is a work of art that mirrors luxury indoor kitchens, with soft-close drawers, pull-out shelving, running water and power, stylish storage and appliances that can accommodate any chef.

From quality products to knowledgeable design, each kitchen design incorporates the details that make a difference. The designer takes into account how a customer will use the space, designs according to a client’s dominant hand to facilitate seamless flow from one appliance to another and takes the guesswork out of water, gas and electrical connection requirements, all while getting the aesthetic the client desires. Canada Outdoor Kitchens takes care of clients from concept to installation and beyond, handling inspections, training clients on how to use their appliances and providing service to produce a beautiful dream space that ticks every box.

“We love to make other people’s dreams into reality by designing and building truly unique, one-of-a-kind outdoor kitchens that are completely tailored to their lifestyles,” Lussier says.

No matter what clients need, they’ll find it and much more at Canada Outdoor Kitchens.