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A Calgary Reputation for Excellence

A Calgary Reputation for Excellence

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Brad and Jordan Rasmussen on site with five of the structures they have completed featured behind them. Photo by Courtney Lovgren.

Conform Works, the experienced and industry-respected Calgary concrete construction company is marking a quarter-century milestone of building Calgary and making a significant impact on the Calgary skyline.

From decades of experience, Conform Works general manager Jordan Rasmussen points out that, in the structural construction business, only one thing weathers the speedbumps: perseverance. “We don’t take on more work than we are capable of doing well,” Jordan adds. “We stay proactive and we stay lean.”

It is widely agreed that concrete work is one of toughest and most demanding components of construction. There’s consensus that concrete formwork is a complex and intricate process of 3D chess.

The company has tremendous structural construction expertise, and continues to earn a revered respected Calgary area reputation for the quality, and the on-time and on-budget reliability of their work.

Father and son explain that collaboration, effectively understanding the wants and needs and expectations of today’s customer, staying up to date with techniques, materials and technologies are all critical aspects of the Conform Works industry reputation.

They also emphasize that much of the credit for Conform’s distinguished and high-achieving 25 years, is due to the company’s solid customer relationships and the consistent hard work and dedication of the company’s highly skilled, on-site people. “It really is important and it makes us special,” Brad says with a warm smile. Many Conform employees have been with the company for more than 20 years.

“How we began is still our focus today,” says Brad Rasmussen, with more than four decades of hard work and experience in the construction business. “Safety. Quality. And schedules. It’s what we do and how we do it. We are proud about changing the way we see Calgary.”

Despite the complexities and competitiveness of the structural construction industry, the father and son Conform Works owners are fiercely hands-on, and admit to a not-very-secret to the Conform Works success.

Brad’s sons Jordan and Tahoe are vital parts of the industry-respected construction company. Conform’s reputation and success are not only a testimonial to 25 years of hard work but, as Jordan explains with enthusiasm, “Conform is also family thing! We had all four of Brad’s grandkids working for the company this summer.”

Brad Rasmussen is proud and driven by Conform’s present and future, but he also reflects on the past highs and lows, the ups and downs and the challenges of being part of Calgary’s construction scene for 25 years. “We always focus, look forward and do our best with the circumstances.”

Being a vital part of more than 30 Calgary high-rises, the most recent examples of the Conform Works structures are: The Theodore Kensington’s landmark address on 10th Street, The Vogue Tower, west end’s elegant 35-storey mixed-use residential tower. The company is currently working on First and Park, a luxury, 18-storey condominium overlooking the Bow River. Conform is also very proud of the “Grand Staircase” of the all new BMO Convention Centre building scheduled for a June 2024 opening.

“Sure, it’s a tremendously competitive business,” Jordan admits. “But our decades of experience and our Calgary projects genuinely give us a competitive edge. Besides, we enjoy the hardcore competition.”

Despite all of the high-profile projects Conform has completed, some of their most successful and challenging work is done under the streets and parks people walk on every day. Working with local clients on complex city projects is a very important point of pride for this company.

Most Calgarians, driving past The Theodore, The Vogue Tower or getting ready to walk down the BMO grand staircase may never realize they are experiencing some of Calgary’s Conform Works’ accomplishments. 

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