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All Signs Point to Success for Second Generation

Brad, Gage, Dave, Pat, Bryan, Darcy, Melodie, Greg, Sam, Jessica and Bella. Missing from photo: Ian and Jeff. Photo by Riverwood Photography.

When Bryan Bunz started his company in 1991, he built his reputation on providing quality installations as well as silkscreened and computer-cut vinyl signage, all out of his home-based shop. Over the years, the industry has changed and Riteway Signs has evolved along with it. As digital printing replaced computer-cut vinyl and silkscreening, Riteway adapted quickly to the new technology, offering in-house digital printing and manufacturing using large format digital printers, laminators and applicators to produce high-quality products for its clients.

The world has gone digital, and Riteway has kept pace, offering a custom-built online ordering system with sign tracking for clients. Despite this technology, Riteway continues to give personalized service, meet deadlines with quick turnarounds, offer timely and effective communication, and produce quality products in an effort to make every client a life-long one. Bryan has succeeded; he still has loyal clients who have been with him since the day he opened the business.

“Signing up with Riteway, you’re not just a client. Over 30 years we’ve established some really strong relationships,” says Bryan Bunz, founder of Riteway Signs.

Today, Riteway is the preferred full-service sign provider for real estate agents in Calgary and surrounding areas. The company produces and installs real estate and property management signs for around 3,000 of the city’s approximately 5,500 (and growing) registered agents. At any given time, Riteway has more than 5,000 signs installed on properties in Calgary and surrounding areas. Real estate agents want a company that can meet all their needs, and Riteway delivers.

“We handle everything in the signage production process from start to finish. We do the graphic design, we digitally print it, laminate and apply it to different substrates,” says Jessica Bunz, director of Operations at Riteway Signs. “We are a one-stop shop. We take care of everything all within our own facility.”

Three years ago, that facility got a major upgrade. Riteway outgrew the 1,700 square foot home-based shop, so Bryan purchased a 4,400 square foot office and warehouse space on 102 Avenue SE to accommodate the company’s continued growth. Over the past five years, Riteway’s output skyrocketed from around 12,000 signs installed per year to more than 25,000 – with no signs of slowing down.

Despite Calgary’s sluggish economy and the impact that a global pandemic has had on businesses, the robust real estate market has allowed Riteway Signs to not only remain strong but to grow. The Bunz family is proud to serve a growing number of clients and the Riteway team works hard every day to exceed expectations as they support their clients. All the hard work and investment in the business has been worth it, and Riteway Signs’ 30th year has been its best year to date.

To meet the increased demand in this hot market and to help maintain Riteway’s high quality standards, Bryan brought on more people to work in the warehouse, office and out on the road. Over the past few years, the team has expanded to include three people in the office, three dedicated warehouse and production personnel, and seven installation contractors. Riteway Signs is a family-owned and operated business, and Bryan carefully selects only people who align with the values and culture of the company to join the extended family. And some of the great team members have loved working for the company so much they have brought their own family members to work there too.

“We have two brothers that work for us. We have a father and son. Two sisters. Riteway has a lot of family,” says Jessica.

And the Bunz family – Bryan, his wife Melodie, and their children Jessica and Brad – are at the core of it all. They have built the Riteway Signs legacy from the ground up, and now Bryan and Melodie are preparing to step back from the business and leave Riteway in the capable hands of the next generation. Despite the leadership change, Riteway will continue to offer the same next-day installation and removal service, the same attention to detail and professionalism for every account, and the same sign storage, installation and removal services clients have come to expect.

“I’ve really run the company for the last four or five years so clients know me as their point of contact already,” says Jessica. “It’ll be a smooth transition.”

Riteway Signs is proud to have long-time, loyal clients, long-tenured core staff and a solid reputation based on decades of experience, and the second generation will carry on Bryan’s high standards as the company continues to do things the Riteway.

Bay 15, 4905 102 Ave SE
Calgary, AB T2C 2X7
Phone: (403) 236-3432

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