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Building Business Communities

with First Executive Centre

Photo by Rebecca Hardcastle

As a long-time client at First Executive Centre (FEC), Paul Gregus had grown to depend on the services, convenience and privacy the business centre offered his headhunting company. When FEC’s founder reached retirement age, Gregus knew he wasn’t the only one who didn’t want to lose it. He did what any good entrepreneur would do: in 2020, he bought the company.

“I was worried that the place might shut down. I didn’t want to go anywhere else,” says Paul Gregus, president of First Executive Centre.

Its complement of around 100 clients from a range of professional and business backgrounds agreed. First Executive Centre ticks all their boxes – it’s in the heart of downtown along the LRT track at 3 Street SW, offers amazing support services like document processing and personalized phone reception, and there is 24/7 manned security onsite. There’s a variety of spaces with flexible options on its two floors of the office building so whether clients are looking for a 150-square-foot fully furnished office or an 800-square-foot suite perfect for several employees, FEC has just what they need.

FEC’s reputation for providing exceptional service to clients is backed by 40 years in the business. It was one of the original shared office companies in Calgary when it started in 1983 and has been perfecting its value-added offerings ever since. From a kitchen stocked with coffee, tea and water that offers a place to network or just chat with neighbours, to state-of-the-art copiers, scanners and shredders, its elevated services make for a truly rewarding and productive experience.

“We invest in technology so clients can take advantage of what we offer,” he says.

In addition to secure, high-speed internet and WiFi throughout, the two large meeting rooms feature ClickShare wireless presentation technology for plug-and-play virtual meetings, devices that connect to the TV in the medium meeting room and two small rooms that are great breakout spaces. FEC recently introduced an Arbitration/Mediation room that allows clients to customize their courtroom configuration and grants access to the technology (and IT support), whiteboards and breakout rooms for private consultation. The team is exploring the possibility of using the space for corporate training as well.

It’s not your typical business centre, and from the time visitors and clients walk off the elevator, this becomes clear. The space is devoid of branding of any kind, leaving the size and scope of the companies working within it up to the imagination and there is always someone at reception to greet guests and to assist clients with whatever they might need.

“Our number one thing is our client service. If you need something, we’ll get it for you. There is no ‘no’ in our vocabulary. We just say, ‘how are we going to do this?’” says Shirley Hill, leasing manager and 40-year employee at First Executive Centre.

That ‘yes’ attitude earned FEC a list of long-time clients and a lot of referral business. It also helped it survive the challenges of COVID as regulations forced people out of their downtown offices.

“Business kept dropping off because people were working from home, but we battened down the hatches, were very careful about our expenditures and we made it through. Now it has picked up again and it’s booming,” says Gregus.

With companies returning to the core business district, First Executive Centre is welcoming small and large businesses back and is currently running at 90 per cent capacity. It remains flexible with lease commitment terms and accommodates the need to downsize or annex more space as clients grow and change. It also services virtual clients who can use FEC’s “centre ice” address as their own, book boardrooms and have reception answer and forward calls to present as a more established, professional company to their own clients. The team is there to help facilitate its clients’ success in any way they can.

After all, the business centre was built on service, and the team of four takes that core value to heart. From offering innovative technology and creative value-added services to leasing great spaces and providing unparalleled support, First Executive Centre continues its four-decade promise to deliver everything today’s clients could want at work so they can focus on growing their businesses.

#2900 350 7 Avenue SW
Calgary, AB T2P 3N9
(403) 263-9604 | ask@firstexec.ca