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Calgary Elite Roofing Raises the Bar

Calgary Elite Roofing Raises the Bar

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Calgary Elite Roofing Truck Fleet. Photo credit to PhotoArt4U - Zev Vitaly Abosh.

Calgary Elite Roofing is a perfect example of the Canadian dream: Greg Garcia moved from France with $300 in his pocket and over the past 10 years has built a successful roofing and exteriors company. Along the way he partnered with Robert LaPierre, a lifetime Calgarian, and together they have set out to create a different kind of company.

“It’s like the integration of the new communities that are coming in and the roots of the born-and-raised Calgarian, and we’ve made a successful company with great ethics and values,” says Greg Garcia, president of Calgary Elite Roofing.

The ethics and values are what set this company apart from the competition. Calgary Elite Roofing prides itself on taking the time to get to know customers and walking them through the process to ensure they are making the best decision for their situation. Whether providing a product promising a lifetime roof or the best investment for a renovation for sale, Calgary Elite only uses the best products manufactured by companies that share its philosophy of accountability and customer service. The company also only deals with other companies and subcontractors who are willing to go above and beyond for every client.

“At the end of the day it’s not about who’s giving the cheapest price. You have to stand behind your product,” says Robert LaPierre, vice president of Calgary Elite Roofing. “Our suppliers have to understand the one value we have, which is the customer’s needs must be met.”

They also keep customers in the loop by taking photos before, during and after the work is complete to ensure customers are fully informed about what has been done and why. In an industry that has had to battle against stereotypes introduced by irresponsible fly-by-night crews, this exteriors company is changing the way people see their industry.

And its recent expansion into Lethbridge means more of Alberta will see first hand the quality product and customer-first attitude of Elite Roofing. Lethbridge Elite Roofing was established in the new year and welcomes another partner, Ruben Guimond, into the family.

“I look forward to being able to continue to bring that small-city, neighbourly mentality and culture from our company to another area in our province,” says LaPierre.

Guimond has hit the ground running, applying Calgary Elite’s philosophy and culture to one of Canada’s windiest cities. The Lethbridge crews are up to the challenge, bringing the unique way of doing business down south.

“We are roofing to get to reroof our own roofs, which is a different mentality than a lot of competitors,” says Guimond, CEO of Lethbridge Elite Roofing. “You treat everyone differently if you expect to see that person in 25 years. We need to believe in our product, and everything in the entire process reflects that belief.”

This dedication to client satisfaction, professional excellence and the focus on providing top-notch service hasn’t gone unnoticed. Last year Calgary Elite Roofing was given the Customer Service Excellence Award and was the first roofing company to ever win the Small Business of the Year Award from the Calgary Chamber. In recognition of its efforts in recycling and becoming a carbon neutral company, Calgary Elite was also a finalist for the Chamber’s Environmental Stewardship Award.

Sorting and separating roofing materials for recycling takes time, effort and money so many companies don’t do it. Environmental responsibility is one of Elite Roofing’s core values and the company is proud to be an environmental leader in the construction industry.

“Sure, it affects the bottom line but what’s the cost if we don’t? We recycle around 400 tonnes of asphalt per year,” Garcia says.

The company is looking at various green initiatives like wind and solar power to continue to lessen its footprint and to take care of the planet for the next generation.

Elite Roofing takes just as good care of its employees as it does its customers and the environment. The partners value their staff and are dedicated to keeping them safe. They’ve implemented a strong safety program led by a full-time safety officer that exceeds the province’s legislative standard. Employees also undergo extensive training and education to ensure they know the safety protocols and follow them.

“We want to make sure everyone is going home in the same condition they showed up in,” says LaPierre.

After all, the company values people over profit. The partners are invested in their employees, both on and off the job. They encourage employees to take care of themselves and their families, whether that entails time off after a loss or a shortened workday to take in a child’s playoff game. The partners also are interested in helping their employees realize their own ambitions, even if that takes them outside of the company.

“So many companies want to hang on to staff as long as they can but we prefer to help other people build their dreams,” says LaPierre.

These ideals filter into the community as well. The partners quietly support need where they see it, from replacing the roof for a person undergoing cancer treatments to redoing the roof on the equipment shed and clubhouse for a Little League organization for cost. It’s important for them to give back to a community that has given them so much.

Calgary Elite Roofing and Lethbridge Elite Roofing are certainly not typical construction companies, and as Alberta’s one-stop shop for home exteriors, they are raising the bar. Between its environmental initiatives, quality product and people-first mentality, Elite Roofing will continue to grow and be a leading force in the industry.

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