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Celebrating 25 Years of IT Business Innovations

Celebrating 25 Years of IT Business Innovations

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For many people, technology can be a barrier and many business leaders don’t have the experience or time to tear it down. For 25 years, Tech To U has been simplifying the integration and application of technology with its wide range of IT services and solutions. With its high level of tech expertise, clients can focus on their own business while Tech To U breaks down the IT barriers and handles the rest.

Technology and business have come naturally to founder Noman Saleem. He was fascinated by technology as a child, dismantling electronics to see how they worked before putting them back together. He was also an entrepreneur by age 11, planning, promoting and starring in a magic show for the community. He carried these two passions with him into university, where the engineering student turned a part-time job at a plastics company into a one-third partnership stake with his business savvy and forward-thinking ideas.

“I got a really good sense of how to run a business and how to apply technology to make it run better,” says Noman Saleem, president of Tech To U. “I was working as a software developer while I was still in university and saw that clients would buy all these servers and all this software, spending enormous amounts of money and I would think, ‘You don’t need that many servers. You’re buying features that you will never use.’ That’s when I decided to do my own thing.”

Noman saw a better way to service clients in the rapidly evolving technology field and established Tech To U in 1997. The company started out developing custom software to make businesses more efficient, whether that was centralizing information into one software system or automating previously manual processes. His customers were so happy with how well the custom software worked for them that they started asking for help with their servers and networks. The company then expanded to include full IT and network services.
What started as just the founder working out of his basement has grown to become a leading IT firm with around 20 employees serving more than 170 clients in the Calgary area and beyond. Tech To U has also developed two software products for niche markets: LockerGM and GlassManager.

LockerGM is the leading locker management software offering a simple and efficient system for universities, schools and organizations to manage all aspects of locker inventory and rentals. The user-friendly software already has a global customer portfolio as it continues to grow.

GlassManager is a premier software designed for glass shops as an all-in-one solution. Its intuitive features enable glass shops to manage everything from estimates to invoicing, materials to purchasing, scheduling to employees, and all areas in between. Glass companies all across North America are benefitting from its enhanced features.

Tech To U’s future plans include continuing to develop products for other niche markets that are often overlooked. Along with the large growth in software services, the company continues to expand and grow the full suite of IT and network services for businesses.

“Technology is continuously changing. There are more options, more complexity and IT touches more parts of each business. And we do a lot more security than we did 10 years ago because clients are finally recognizing the need,” says Noman. “We focus our expertise more on higher level IT such as IT management, network management and security aspects. We help our clients take advantage of new innovations and changes to technology.”

Tech To U offers a comprehensive suite of IT solutions that they can tailor to a client’s needs. Clients can choose a package that handles any combination of network design and management, procurement, help desk, server support and cloud services that aim to increase operational efficiency, maximize productivity and reduce long-term IT costs.
To ensure clients get the maximum value, Noman and his team ask strategic questions about what the company does and what it hopes to accomplish. From there they go above and beyond to integrate the best tools into a custom IT package and support it long term. The team is committed to making sure their clients’ needs are met and this results in strong, long-lasting relationships that have fuelled not only Tech To U’s growth over the years but also their customers’ growth and success.

The company serves its small- and mid-sized companies well and enjoys organic growth year over year. The key to growth and success after 25 years in an ever-changing industry is simple.

“While others may be just selling equipment and software, we take the time to understand each client and create a plan to improve their IT and solve their issues. IT is meant to improve your business, not get in the way,” says Noman.

This philosophy over the past 25 years has steered Tech To U into new areas of service and made it the go-to IT company for Alberta businesses.
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