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Half a Century of Building Communities

Half a Century of Building Communities

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Colleen Kerfoot (VP of Finance), Dan Swanson (Project Manager), Noel Broughton (Project Manager), Terry Tanasiuk (President), Justin Litun (Project Manager), Jordan Zakordonski (Project Manager), Laird Kulak (Director of Pre-Construction Services), Ben Tanasiuk (Project Manager)


rawford Construction Company Inc. is a full-service general contractor, construction manager, and design-builder, serving the commercial, institutional, healthcare, industrial, and seniors living sectors. From routine jobs to legacy projects to technically complex, one-of-a-kind builds, Krawford has the experience and creativity to get the job done every time.

“Krawford Construction is a highly diversified construction company with a long-serving, loyal, and knowledgeable team, providing skilled construction services to a wide variety of clients,” says Terry Tanasiuk, company president. It is these strengths – team, reputation, experience, and creativity – that set Krawford Construction apart in the industry.

Company History

The company was founded in 1971 by Eugene Krawchuk in partnership with Humford Developments – it was a melding of the Krawchuk and Humford that originally gave rise to the Krawford name. In 1984, Eugene Krawchuk moved on to other endeavors and the company became fully owned and operated by Humford Developments. In 1991, Humford Developments offered an ownership opportunity to some of the company’s long-term employees, many of whom are still with the company today.

In 1994, the company expanded their footprint by opening a Calgary office. Mike Kelly was appointed as Manager of Calgary Operations at the founding of the company’s Calgary office. Krawford’s Calgary operations are managed by a core of dedicated, long-term employees. The company quickly established a strong reputation in Calgary and throughout southern Alberta and has become the builder of choice for many clients in the private and public sectors.

Today, Krawford is owned by Terry Tanasiuk as President and majority shareholder, along with a group of minority shareholders who are all long-term employees. Colleen Kerfoot remains as a member of the senior leadership team as well as Barry’s son Stuart Hawkeswood, who joined the company as a carpenter over 25 years ago and rose through the ranks to VP of Construction. Mike Kelly continues in the role of Manager of Calgary’s operations.

Team Strength

Currently, Krawford Construction employs about 100 people across Western Canada, working from bases in both Calgary and Edmonton.

“When we established our Calgary office, we brought on a great group of people to the office and the field, and many of them are still with the company today,” notes Kelly. “The wide variety of projects that we have successfully delivered is proof of the unique capabilities of our team here in Calgary.”

Tanasiuk adds, “Most of our employees have been here for a very long time, most over 10 years and many for 20 or 30 years. It has been rewarding to see them develop in their fields and as individuals. I have watched their families grow and thrive together. I am glad to have been a part of it all.”


The company’s healthy team environment plays a large part in its strong reputation in the construction marketplace across Western Canada. In reflecting on the reputation Krawford has built over the past 50 years, Tanasiuk says, “Our team has a wide array of experience and talents, our collaborative culture and vast talent pool allows us to share our ideas to get the job done. Because of this, we have been entrusted with many high-profile, technically challenging, and sensitive projects.” This includes not only new construction and renovations, but also a wide range of unique projects.

In the past 10 years alone, the company has been called on to provide emergency structural remediation for a collapsing condominium in Calgary; fast-track, simultaneous construction of four large ambulatory support buildings at hospitals throughout the Edmonton area – a project delivered under-budget and ahead of schedule; several 200-bed senior facilities in Calgary; and the completion of a $40 million-dollar facility on a secure military installation. The latter project is one of many where Krawford Construction has been called in by various bonding companies, and Tanasiuk notes that “we are the ‘go-to company’ for some bonding companies when other contractors fail, and their bonded projects require creative and effective solutions.” These projects require a lot of skillful negotiation with all the stakeholders, something Krawford excels at.

Project Experience

Few companies have the depth of experience that Krawford’s project portfolio demonstrates. The company’s portfolio includes construction and renovation of hospitals, health care centres, recreation centers, seniors’ facilities, multi-unit residential facilities, modular construction, fire stations, commercial developments, and industrial facilities. The company delivers projects ranging from $10,000 to over $60,000,000, using various contract types and project models. Krawford was a pioneer in the implementation of the construction management model in Alberta over 30 years ago and the company continues to deliver projects using construction management, stipulated sum, design-build, IPD, design-assist and other models.

Krawford operates throughout Western Canada, and one of the company’s key strengths is the ability to successfully deliver projects in remote and challenging areas. The company has operated from the Canada-U.S. border to the territories, including many northern communities accessible only by air, water or ice road.

Speaking to the company’s diverse experience, Tanasiuk notes that “Krawford helped design and build the first assisted living project in Western Canada for the Good Samaritan Society. This led to five other projects with GSS, as well as many projects with other seniors’ housing. We also built Ecole Mother Teresa School & Ecole Fox Run School, Alberta’s first multi-campus school in Sylvan Lake.

Krawford Construction has built strong relationships with many Indigenous clients throughout Western Canada. In particular, Krawford delivered the Seven Chiefs Sportsplex for the Tsuu T’ina Nation, a large recreation facility including three hockey rinks and a field house. With Tsuu T’ina’s continuous growth, Krawford participated by building the nation’s museum, health centre and training facility. Krawford has also enjoyed a long relationship with Enoch Cree Nation, working with them for over 20 years and are currently building a health centre and a new commercial building. In both partnerships, Krawford has engaged and supported First Nation subcontractors and skilled labor, giving back to the community.

Creativity and Collaboration

A cornerstone of Krawford’s approach is collaboration. They take pride in the ability to work with any client, in any situation, in any contracting model to get the job done successfully. From leadership to office staff to the field, their team thrives on creativity, problem-solving and finding unique ways to get the job done.

Technology plays a role in supporting this approach, and Tanasiuk helps distinguish Krawford by staying on top of the technology that is driving the construction industry forward. “This industry tends to fall behind current technology. At Krawford, we are constantly learning and implementing more efficient methods, and adapting to new and better ways of doing things. As a result, we can be more flexible and resourceful when meeting the exacting standards we set for ourselves and that our clients expect of us.”


In addition to building communities, Krawford also prioritizes giving back to them. The company has been the gold sponsor for the Tsuu T’ina Sportsplex area; contributed to the Legacy Lodge Assisted Facility; aided in the completion of Wellspring Edmonton’s cancer support facility with the contribution of $250,000 in material and services; participated in the MS bike ride to Camrose; and volunteered at Hope Mission. In addition, the company has a scholarship program that provides scholarships and support to Indigenous students on several First Nations throughout Alberta.

The Next 50 Years

“The most rewarding thing for me is to have watched the company grow over time,” says Colleen Kerfoot, VP of Finance. “It’s been interesting to watch how the dynamics of the industry change from year to year, and how we’ve managed each change. It’s been exciting to be part of a close team that feels like family.”

“It’s been rewarding to have been a part of our Calgary operations since the beginning,” Kelly adds. “It’s exciting to see the next group of leaders come up through the company and I’m sure that we will continue to succeed.”

The Krawford team is grateful for the past 50 years and excited about the next 50 years. They look forward to building on a history of teamwork, creativity, and quality, and continuing to excel in a dynamic and challenging industry. Working with industry partners – from owners to consultants to trade contractors to suppliers – they are excited to continue to play a part in building and sustaining communities in Alberta and throughout Western Canada.

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