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Millenia Engineering 25 Years Strong

Millenia Engineering 25 Years Strong

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Sitting: Travis Wolfe, P.Eng., General Manager/Partner and Greg Sunley, P.Eng., Process Eng. Manager/Partner. Standing: Robert Gasper, P.Eng., Sr. Project Manager/Partner and John Homer, P.Eng., Sr. Project Manager/Partner. Photo by Riverwood Photography Inc.

When Millenia Engineering started in 1995, the founders created the core values that would establish the company in the industry. By stressing integrity, flexibility, honesty, and excellence through innovation, they positioned Millenia for success. Now, 25 years later, those same core values are what have made Millenia Engineering a preferred EPCM company in western Canada and beyond.

Millenia provides professional and innovative facility engineering in the oil and gas and petrochemical industries in western Canada and the United States. With its stable of talented engineers and designers, the firm has all disciplines covered, with a key area being process engineering. The depth of experience and expertise in this area really sets Millenia apart from other engineering companies; none can compare to the talent and knowledge of Millenia’s process engineering department. Combine this with solutions-driven execution teams and whatever the project, clients can expect superior service and results from Millenia.

“We provide fit-for-purpose solutions. We don’t try to design something that a client doesn’t need. We give clients what is suitable for their particular situation,” says Bob Gasper, partner at Millenia.

The firm provides a turn-key service to clients, offering conceptual studies and initial consultation through to detailed engineering and start-up. The range of services on the menu is wide: feasibility studies to stress analysis, production optimization to facility debottlenecking, 3D scanning to safety and operator training and manuals. Millenia has experience in a wide range of projects including enhanced oil recovery, acid gas injection schemes, heavy oil processes, carbon dioxide injection, sulphur plants, power/co-generation, NGL recovery, compression, pipelines, refineries as well as petrochemical (Ammonia/Urea/UAN). No matter the type or scope of the project, Millenia is committed to exceeding expectations in all areas, especially environmental stewardship and sustainable development practices.

Millenia’s clients are interested in environmental initiatives as well, and together they are exploring various options that lean green. Some clients are looking to reduce CO2 emissions while others are seeking ways of using waste streams to generate power. Millenia and its clients are exploring the hydrogen market as an area that is gaining momentum in the industry.

“There is a global movement towards using hydrogen as a fuel source. It’s becoming popular because of its compatibility with greener energy and growing demand for energy storage,” says Greg Sunley, process engineering manager and partner for Millenia.

Millenia is proud to be cutting edge and stays on top of technologies and trends in the industry. With the current climate, companies have to be more creative to find work and Millenia has diversified its offerings and expanded into the United States to achieve this goal. The Millenia U.S. division focuses on petrochemicals in the Midwest and oil and gas refinery opportunities in Wyoming. Much of Millenia’s project work in Canada is being done in the Montney gas fields with greenfield and brownfield projects in Grande Prairie and northeast British Columbia as well as projects in Saskatchewan. With a strong team of field-orientated designers, its reputation and strong relationships with its clients has led to Millenia also providing operations support on the plant floor level for facilities.

Client satisfaction and retention is key for the management team, and with many clients staying with Millenia for decades, it seems that they are hitting the mark. Clients know what they will get working with Millenia—a highly skilled team of creative thinkers who pride themselves on providing innovative solutions on time and on budget. As many Millenia employees have been with the company for many years as well, there exists stability and familiarity with what each client needs that allows projects to run smoothly with predictable results. 

“We (Millenia partners) situate ourselves on the front lines staying intimately involved in projects and guiding their progression, with accountability firmly in our hands,” says John Homer, partner at Millenia.

The importance of the vendors in a successful project cannot be understated. Millenia values and is proud of its business relationships with manufacturers and vendors, which are vital to project outcomes. These relationships have allowed tight deadlines or unrealistic hurdles to be navigated to allow certain successes to be realized.

The team knows its clients well and communicates with them effectively throughout the life cycle of a project. They work together to identify the specifics of a project in order to tailor a plan that best meets the client’s needs. Millenia goes above and beyond to give clients the best possible experience by providing unbeatable service and accountability while employing the latest technology to facilitate superior results.

“Over the past many years we have been utilizing technology to provide project value to clients. Specifically, use of 3D scanning technology allows our designers to interlace a design 3D model into reality thus showing clients and construction participants the exact vision of the full design,” says Travis Wolfe, general manager and partner of Millenia Engineering.

The team has relied on technology more this year as COVID-19 shut offices and sent employees home to work remotely. Millenia was able to adjust and adapt quickly both within projects and in the day-to-day operations of the company. In response to the COVID-19 lockdown, management quickly altered procedures to convert the review and approval system for documents and drawings into a virtual one. This allowed all team members to interact in real time to increase productivity and facilitate collaboration, and in the end they didn’t miss a deadline during the transition.

This challenging time has spurred innovation and, while being apart can be difficult for a design team, the resulting productivity demonstrated the strength of the team and why Millenia has been so successful for a quarter of a century. Whether it is operating in a time of boom, bust or global pandemic, Millenia remains adaptable and accommodating so it can provide quality results. This nimbleness further ensures client satisfaction in any situation. 

“We have large company depth with small company flexibility,” says Wolfe.

Millenia has also brought a great deal of large-company skill and experience to the table for clients. The four partners boast years of combined field and home office experience in facility design, project management and construction management, and they are happy to share their knowledge with the motivated group of young engineers coming up behind them. There is no shortage of hands in the air when the management team asks for volunteers to take on a remote application, train a group or find new software that will make the output even better.

“I think we are the best version of Millenia that I’ve seen in a long time because there are a lot of young engineers who want to collaborate and take ownership, making the company grow, and maintain our integrity. Our culture has given way to a cohesive team that is enjoying the journey together,” says Wolfe.

With its recent head office relocation, still in the Calgary beltline, the company continues to grow its team and its scope as the partners look ahead at the potential in the next 25 years. The team is grateful for its past and current customers whose trust and partnership have helped establish Millenia Engineering as a go-to firm in western Canada, and the partners are eager to carry on these relationships for decades to come.

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