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New Location, New Era for McCrum’s Office Furnishings

New Location, New Era for McCrum’s Office Furnishings

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Since 1971, McCrum’s Office Furnishings has been an enduring presence in the Calgary industry with a name that became synonymous with quality and integrity. However, being consistent does not mean standing still, and McCrum’s is on the move, ushering in a new era with the company’s new location.

“Business is rapidly changing and we have to be agile,” says Ryan McMillan, president of McCrum’s. “We view ourselves now as more of a resource than a furniture supplier. How can we help you with your space?”

The new corporate head office, located on Manhattan Road SE, is all about agility. Owning the building means McCrum’s can quickly make modifications to their showroom that best reflects the ongoing evolution of the corporate furnishings industry.

“When customers walk in the door it’s not about that chair or that workstation, it’s more about whether our clients can envision themselves or their people working in that environment. The impression we want to create is one based on a holistic experience of the space and the kinds of possibilities that are available to our clients,” says Bob Malone, vice president and co-owner of McCrum’s.

McCrum’s is intensely proud of the amazing team of client advisors it has assembled, all of whom are experts on the best ways to achieve a dynamic and productive office environment. Each team member brings a unique perspective and asks different questions to discover what clients like, what they hope to achieve, why they see their space in a certain way, and to offer insights about unexplored options to enhance the space.

“That’s how we see our business going forward—having a team behind our clients. Each person has become a specialist and allows us to make sure we tick the boxes, and do it well,” says McMillan.

An integral part of the McCrum’s team includes their in-house delivery and installation crews, which consists of a large group of highly-trained and experienced personnel. In an effort to properly support this group, McCrum’s ownership made the decision in 2014 to secure a 60,000 square foot warehouse space in SE Calgary. This facility has enhanced their ability to deliver the comprehensive start-to-finish service their clients expect—from the initial product consultations to a completely installed and working office environment.

Understanding the importance of offering a complete range of client services, McCrum’s has consistently expanded their suite of value-added services. Having provided expert project management and design/reconfiguration services for many decades, they have added to their service offerings to include storage and asset management, cleaning and maintenance programs, as well as moving services, facility management consulting, and even third party logistics that leverages their extensive experience with storage, delivery and product tracking capabilities.

“We develop these ideas and the ideas become business units. We champion our people to embrace what we’re trying to do and pretty soon we have resident experts. People come to us for that,” says Malone.

For almost 50 years, people have come to McCrum’s Office Furnishings for the best in commercial furniture and service in Calgary, and with vibrant, forward-looking owners who embrace change, clients will continue to partner with these industry experts.

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