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Offering an Elevated Dental Experience

Offering an Elevated Dental Experience

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Manpreet Dhaliwal, Dr. Jaspreet Wirring and Darlene Sinclair. Photo by Riverwood Photography.

It can be difficult to find the silver lining in adversity but Dr. Jaspreet Wirring did just that. She took over a dental practice in March 2020, excited to bring her vision of a different kind of practice to life. Then the next day, the government announced a mandate to flatten the COVID-19 curve that saw her doors shut before they could even open.

“We were scrambling to figure out what we were going to do and how we were going to survive the year. It was tough but the driving force was always that vision,” says Dr. Wirring, owner and dentist at Destination Dental & Wellness.

Her vision was one of an elevated dental experience for her patients. The shutdown gave her the opportunity to create the perfect space without having to worry about accommodating patients at the same time. The first step was to update the lime green, 1980s-inspired décor to create a calming and beautiful modern space. After walls were knocked down to facilitate a natural flow, the fixtures were changed and the furniture was updated, Destination Dental & Wellness was ready for business. Dr. Wirring and her associate Dr. Ailin Yu started seeing patients in September, since then they have continued to grow the practice and work toward realizing the vision of complete care for patients.

This care starts as soon as patients walk through the door. They are greeted with soft colour tones and aromatherapy to help relax those for whom a trip to the dentist can be stressful. In their individual treatment rooms, patients can choose from a variety of essential aromatherapy oils for a personalized, calming experience. The practice also features a comfortable consult room where staff can discuss treatment plans and options with patients. The expansive windows throughout the Deerfoot Trail and 17 Avenue SE practice offer the best views in Calgary, showcasing the downtown skyline and the Rocky Mountain vista to the west. This central location allows Destination Dental & Wellness to serve patients from all over the city, whether they are seeking a dental cleaning or something above what you’d find at a traditional dental office.

The “wellness” in the practice name extends past exceptional care of a patient’s teeth and the offerings expand beyond standard fillings, hygiene, crowns, bridges, implants and dentures. The practice also offers the new Invisalign Go program that facilitates drastically shorter treatment times. It was important to Dr. Wirring that the practice see to the health of the whole patient.

“Cosmetic dentistry wasn’t something I was initially interested in. My focus was form and function,” she says. “What I began to realize was the profound effect my patient’s appearance had on their self-worth—that people don’t advocate for themselves, whether in a job interview or looking for love, if they don’t feel confident. This transformed my approach to incorporate this area of dentistry on top of my foundation of function and health.”

Dr. Wirring has further broken the traditional dental practice mould by offering additional wellness treatments to patients. On February 1, Destination Dental & Wellness added two aesthetic rooms for microneedling and facial treatments, as well as sessions with Calgary’s first Alma Accent Prime body sculpting technology. On top of that, the practice has a massage therapist on staff who has experience working with areas of the body in dysfunction. As so many people carry their stress in their jaws, necks and shoulders, therapists can focus on those areas to enhance patients’ dental health as well as offering full-body massage for overall wellness.

Dr. Wirring is trained in Botox therapy and offers patients a range of Botox options. While many people associate Botox with the frozen, expressionless faces of Hollywood, these treatments can actually be life changing for patients with headaches or jaw pain. By targeting the muscle that closes the jaw, Botox can relax the jaw which in turn relaxes the shoulders and can eliminate headaches caused by clenching or grinding. Dr. Wirring is happy to also help patients boost confidence with Botox treatments in areas with wrinkles and scowl lines.

“I really wanted this to be a hub for beauty and wellness. Your wellness is going to enhance your beauty. If you’re feeling good and confident, you’re going to look more beautiful because you’re radiating from a deeper place,” she says. “The whole team is committed to complete, elevated care.”

The team of eight—the two dentists, office manager Darlene Sinclair, hygiene manager Manpreet Dhaliwal partnering with the receptionist, hygienists, dental assistants, aestheticians and massage therapists—work together to create a positive experience for patients. The dynamic management team has been integral to the success of the practice and to bringing Dr. Wirring’s vision to life. Darlene brings 27 years’ experience in the field and prides herself on providing patients with accessible care to help them reach their dental health and smile goals. Manpreet, a registered dental hygienist for 12 years has established hygiene systems that achieve superior patient care and outcomes while keeping patients comfortable throughout their experience. The team goes above and beyond to provide a soothing, stress-free environment, especially in these extraordinary times. The practice has put strict COVID-19 protocols in place to ensure patients and staff are safe in order to allay fears about infections during dental procedures.
The practice employs two Surgically Clean Air units that filter and purify the air. Outgoing air is zapped by ultraviolet light to ensure complete sanitization so patients can rest easy during treatments knowing that the air is safe. Staff wear medical masks that have a high level of filtration along with face shields to keep everyone safe and all areas, from operatories to bathrooms, are sanitized regularly. Destination Dental & Wellness accommodates seniors and patients with underlying health issues by reserving the first appointments of the day for them to reduce their exposure to others and to give them peace of mind. The practice also accommodates a variety of patient schedules to make visits more convenient by offering evening and Saturday appointments. The entire team strives to put patients at ease as they maintain their dental and overall health at the practice.

“Everyone who works here is committed to the vision and is just as passionate about it as I am,” says Dr. Wirring.

From the spectacular view to comforting aromatherapy to cosmetic services, that vision of an elevated dental experience is apparent throughout Destination Dental & Wellness.

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