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Serving Calgary’s Energy Sector for 50 Years

Steve Trimble. Photo by Riverwood Photography.

Grant Trimble graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Geological Engineering degree in 1958. His career started with Pan American Petroleum in Oklahoma, which led him back to Calgary in 1960. In 1969, Grant left Pan American and went into business with his brother, Harvey, before establishing Grant Trimble Engineering in 1971.

“Our concentration from the get-go was reservoir engineering — conducting reserve estimates and enhanced recovery studies,” says Grant Trimble, founder of the firm.

Over time, the firm developed a specialized expertise performing economic evaluations of oil and gas properties, interfacing with banks, law firms and investment groups on their clients’ behalf. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, Grant also expanded the firm’s oil and gas property management services, including land, accounting and production optimization.

Grant’s son Steve followed in his footsteps, graduating from the University of Waterloo with a Geological Engineering degree in 1988 and beginning his career with Imperial Oil before joining forces with Grant in 1991. Grant and Steve had not planned it this way, but a combination of events created an enticing opportunity to team up.

“It was an exciting opportunity, but not necessarily the place I planned to spend the rest of my career,” says Steve Trimble, current president and principal engineer of the firm.

But plans have a way of changing, and in 1996 Grant proposed that Steve buy him out. A four-year payment plan followed that would see 100 per cent ownership transferred to Steve in 2000. In 2002, Grant stepped away from consulting, leaving Steve in charge of the firm’s future. The name of the firm changed to Trimble Engineering Associates in 2000, and while Steve dropped his father’s name, Grant’s influence remained.

“I learned a lot from my Dad,” Steve says. “He showed me the importance of working hard, being available and providing every service you can to help your clients be successful.”
Trimble Engineering Associates developed a more focused specialization under Steve’s guidance, with approximately 80 per cent of its business coming from oil and gas evaluation services and the balance from strategic advisory services and oil and gas property management.

While Steve didn’t set out to aggressively grow the firm, his leadership and integration of technology allowed revenues to grow naturally without adding materially to overhead. He and his team of engineers, technologists, and support staff have embraced technology to increase efficiency, which has proven to be particularly valuable mitigating client costs in the recent challenging economic climate.

Steve Trimble is optimistic about the future of Calgary and the energy industry, and sees growth and opportunity beyond recent events. In his view, Calgary will thrive going forward, riding a new wave of prosperity supported by innovative hydrocarbon and alternative energy initiatives originated in Alberta.

Trimble Engineering Associates is proud to have served the Calgary business and energy community for the last 50 years and looks forward to continuing this service in support of its clients’ future growth and success.