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Dental Care for Children. Photo by Courtney Lovgren.

Not all general contractors are created equally; some offer specialized knowledge, others have years of construction experience that makes them more efficient and effective, and some hold themselves and their contractors to the highest quality and service standards. And then there are the rare general contractors like WD Construction and Millwork that encompass all of the above.

For 20 years, WD Construction has been a pinnacle in the industry, offering commercial clients a full suite of services for their projects. They take care of every detail throughout the process, from accurate estimates and schedules to acquiring the necessary permits and contracting trusted trades to get the job done right. Since the beginning, WD has been a customer-focused, service-oriented contractor, and while its focus has shifted over the years, this dedication to clients has never wavered.

Starting out primarily constructing commercial buildings, WD gradually came to specialize in healthcare clinics – medical, dental, and optometry. These clinics are more complicated than other tenant improvements because of the more technical work that needs to be done, but WD has built a team with the knowledge and experience to run these projects smoothly.

“Our success is because of our people,” says Bob Dawson, WD Construction president. “We have very experienced supervisors; our construction manager Lee McCallum has been in construction for over 40 years and Trevor Sedran, who runs our shop, has over 30 years’ experience as a cabinet maker.”

WD’s experience with healthcare clinics turned its already talented staff into specialists in the field and the company established itself as the go-to contractor for healthcare clinic renovations and builds across southern and central Alberta. Many clients are long-term repeat customers while others come through word-of-mouth, referrals or through relationships with leasing agents.

Jeff Sklar, CEO of Spire Group, runs a medically based brokerage and recommends WD to his clients.

“They are probably the premier contractor in building out dental and medical offices,” Sklar says. “They have never let me down in nine years with the service they’ve provided to clients.”

Clients seek out WD’s expertise early in the process and count on the team’s knowledge and experience throughout the build.

“I’ll often get brought in early to look at the space to make sure it works for what they want to do; check power requirements, make sure the water line is big enough, make sure the HVAC system is sufficient,” says Steve Loewen, sales manager and principal at WD Construction.

WD Construction comes highly recommended by many designers as they know what they are getting when they work with the contractor. What they get is an attention to detail, high quality standards, exceptional trades partners on the job, and a beautiful and functional product delivered on time and on budget. Client satisfaction is paramount, and WD does all it can to ensure everything is perfect so clients can step into the space and get right to work.

WD goes the extra mile to meet clients’ needs and expectations, whether that involves renovating a space while the business is open, as was the case with the recent project with Airdrie Eyecare, or a room-by-room phased renovation like their project with Helios Health & Wellness. The company also does complete build-outs for clients, like the spectacular 6,000 square foot showroom and warehouse it finished for Henry Schein (a dental supplier).

WD recently completed the south location of the Dental Care for Children practice. This 6,000 square foot office and oral surgery facility was challenging and complicated, but the experienced staff created just what the dentists wanted.

“WD has a very high standard of perfection that is close to my own,” says Dr. Farida Saher of Dental Care for Children. “They go above and beyond to ensure that the build process is as seamless as possible given the many complications that are possible.”

By getting to know clients well, WD’s supervisors can successfully anticipate and address concerns, prevent problems and troubleshoot issues. Because of these strong relationships, they know what their clients want and can make the necessary decisions to make it happen, all without having to bother the clients with endless questions. This is a major appeal for Dr. Noor Jaffer of TREC Dental group. Before working with WD, Dr. Jaffer felt the need to oversee the construction and installation of equipment at new locations. The past several office builds were handled completely by the WD team and Dr. Jaffer hasn’t shown up at all.

“I’m really sticky about how things are done,” says Dr. Jaffer. “With WD I don’t have to get competitive bids because I know they are already competitive. I know they will do what I want, and the end product is dependable and reliable. They really know what they are doing.”

The team knows what they are doing and does it well, earning its reputation for unparalleled quality and service. With almost 90 large projects over the past five years alone, WD Construction and Millwork continues to leave its mark on medical and dental construction in Calgary.

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