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2022 Leaders Awards

Celebrating Calgary’s Exceptional Business Leaders


There are several marks of an exceptional leader: someone who inspires passion and motivation to follow others; someone with a vision and the ability to realize it; someone who ensures their team has support and tools to achieve their goals. Whether in business, politics, sport, social or charitable life, a good leader is one who – with the help of a team – gets things done to the satisfaction of all involved.

Calgary’s business community has many great leaders. In a broad and ever-growing range of industries, some old and some brand new, in small, medium and large businesses, these leaders have proved their worth (and then some) over the last two-and-a-half years. They have led their teams through significant challenges including a global pandemic, supply chain constraints and soaring inflation.

Nonetheless, their businesses are thriving. Whether in the hospitality, energy, home building, electrical, retail food and beverage or financial industries, this year’s Leaders provide significantly to our economy in the form of products, services, employment, taxes and culture.

In our 14th year, the Business in Calgary Leaders Awards recognizes these owners, CEOs and presidents of Calgary companies, who contribute in an outstanding way to our vibrant and growing city.

“The Leaders being recognized this year represent a diverse cross section of industries, enterprise size and history,” says Trina Holland, associate vice president, Diversified Industries and Energy Services at ATB Business. Holland, along with Trevor Winkler, regional managing partner at MNP and Catherine Grygar, partner at Stikeman Elliott, served as this year’s judges. “Some of our leaders were just establishing their business when the pandemic hit, whereas others navigated well-established businesses through the turbulence of the last couple of years. Some have been innovating as small business owners in new, emerging industries, whereas others have been stewards of larger enterprises in Alberta’s core industries.”

“The breadth of industries represented in the nominees continues to expand and certainly speaks to the entrepreneurial nature of our city,” agrees Winkler. “There is no single item that stands out – it’s impressive to see that all their accomplishments are achieved differently – adapted for their business and for their team members. What these leaders have achieved in business can be attributed to their motivation, encouragement and trust of their teams.”

Grygar adds: “These Leaders demonstrate how risk taking can bring great results.”

The primary criteria used by Gryger to evaluate nominees included innovation, community engagement and diversity. “Regardless of makeup and background, all of the Leaders have shown the importance of core values, strategic vision and a commitment to their broader communities as three key ingredients of successful leadership, particularly during periods of unpredictability and rapid change,” Holland notes.

“When evaluating the nominees, I am always looking for that something ‘different’,” Winkler notes. “What hurdles have been overcome, what failures have caused them to change course, and what else are you doing for both the betterment of your team and business, but also the contributions to the community in which we work and reside.”

A gala to celebrate this year’s Leaders will be held on Thursday, November 17 at the Calgary TELUS Convention Centre.

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