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2023 Leaders Awards

Honouring Calgary’s Great Leaders


Why do we celebrate great leaders?  

This question is at the core of the Leaders Awards, now in its 15th year. Why do we celebrate those individuals who build and lead businesses and not-for-profits, who provide meaningful and good employment to fellow citizens, who generate unique and much needed services and products to their patrons, who contribute to the growth and economic strength of our city and the various industries in it?  

The answer is simple: we celebrate great leaders because they are worthy of it. They are worthy of recognition, acknowledgement, appreciation, accolade.  

Great leaders’ actions – the effort, hard work, sacrifice, determination, strength and vision they pour into their organizations and the people in them – set them apart from the rest of the crowd. Being the cream of the crop, the rise to the top, to the benefit of all those they work with. 

And while these great leaders don’t want or expect any recognition or accolade, we nevertheless celebrate them. They deserve it.  

“The majority of Calgary’s leaders are humble and acknowledging these leaders provides them with deserved credit for their accomplishments,” confirms Trevor Winkler, regional managing partner at MNP. Winkler, together with Catherine Grygar, partner at Stikeman Elliott LLP and Trina Holland, associate vice president of Diversified and Energy Services at ATB Financial, are once again this year’s Leaders Awards judges. “We also want to share these great stories with the next generation of business leaders.”  

“Calgary is at the heart of the innovation that is driving and will continue to drive growth and investment in Alberta,” agrees Holland. “Honoring business leaders in Calgary helps to spotlight this entrepreneurial DNA of the local business community, and create space for gratitude and celebration for their achievements.”  

This year’s applicants came from a range of industries, and award recipients were chosen from both core industries such as home building and professional services, as well as growing industries like tech. All leaders have shown determination to get through significant challenges to their organizations as well as a commitment to Calgary. 

“It was clear that leaders this year had a vision for their business and a vision for Calgary,” says Grygar. “These leaders demonstrated that they were highly interested in investing into Calgary’s people and communities. I was particularly interested in how and what the leaders invested into their companies, their people and the Calgary community.”  

Additional criteria the judges looked at included leadership characteristics; the level of direct involvement of the leader in the business in terms of vision and strategy; resiliency of the business; and, involvement with and support of the broader community and industry.  

“Each year, the applicants continue to find creative ways to lead their respective businesses,” Winkler adds. “All in their own unique way that is custom to their industry, their team and their community.”

A gala to celebrate this year’s Leaders will be held on November 9, 2023 at the TELUS Convention Centre. 

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