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The Calgary Influential Women in Business (CIWB) Awards

Doreen Cole, Executive Vice President, Downstream, Cenovus Energy

The Calgary Influential Women in Business (CIWB) Awards, set for April 12, 2024, will honour six exceptional professionals acknowledged for their contributions to fostering diverse leadership throughout the city. While their roles may differ significantly, each recipient showcases a profound commitment to enhancing inclusivity and representation to enrich and empower their communities. 


Male Champion Award
Bryan de Lottinville,
Founder and Chief Evangelist, Benevity Inc. 

Bryan de Lottinville, Founder and Chief Evangelist, Benevity Inc.

Bryan de Lottinville is the founder and chief evangelist at Benevity Inc. (Benevity), a Calgary-based company and one of Canada’s first B Corps. Benevity is a leader in corporate purpose software that powers some of the worlds most iconic, purpose-driven brands. 

de Lottinville has had an unconventional career path rich in diversity and valuable lessons. “Winning the CIWB award, Male Champion is bittersweet,” he says. 

“Until the playing field is truly and permanently level, if winning an award like this serves to inspire even a single other person to be a more active proponent of diversity, then I’m truly proud to receive it. So many of the social issues affecting our society require collective action to solve, and the changemakers that act as catalysts to that have many different faces. I’m grateful to have been identified as one of those.” 

“Benevity is now a powerfully diverse employer: 56 per cent of our nearly 1,000 employees are women; 66 per cent of our executive leadership team are women; 37 per cent of our engineering talent are women; we have a female CEO, CTO, CPO, among other senior leaders. Overall, 60 per cent of the promotions at Benevity are awarded to women. This didn’t and doesn’t happen by accident yet is a huge part of any success that Benevity has achieved to date. I know, too, that many of the people who have worked for and with Benevity have observed the power of this diversity and will no doubt seek to replicate it as they move through their careers, whether at Benevity or elsewhere. This kind of ripple effect is key to any sea-change.” 


Large Enterprise Award
Doreen Cole, Executive Vice President, Downstream, Cenovus Energy

Doreen Cole, Executive Vice President, Downstream, Cenovus Energy

Doreen Cole joined Cenovus Energy (Cenovus) in 2021 and is currently executive vice president, Downstream. As a member of the Cenovus executive team, Doreen also supports and sponsors company networks such as Mental Health Matters and Women@Cenovus. 

“I am proud to be the recipient of the 2024 CIWB Large Enterprise Award. This award has given me the opportunity to represent the many accomplished women leaders in the Alberta energy industry as an executive of one of Canada’s largest integrated oil companies. It also puts a spotlight on the fact that women are indeed successfully leading large businesses, and I’m truly honoured to be recognized alongside the impressive list of past Large Enterprise (Award) recipients.” 

Having been surrounded by a network of influential and accomplished women in every company she has worked at, Cole says, “These women not only contributed to my success but are strongly committed to the companies that they are a part of. There is an opportunity to better align and unleash the executive leadership potential of these women across the Alberta energy industry.” 

When it comes to words of wisdom to other women, Cole advises, “Take your seat at the table as a leader and demonstrate ownership of what your role and the overall organization needs to deliver. Taking your seat at the table means not giving up your voice or de-prioritizing your perspective. Have the courage to speak up and conviction to do the right thing. With courage and conviction, you will do what you passionately believe is right even if others do not always agree or approve. Be mindful of, and planful about your career path – it is yours to manage.” 


Small/Medium Enterprise
Jennifer Massig, CEO
MAGNA Engineering 

Jennifer Massig, CEO MAGNA Engineering

Jennifer Massig is the CEO at MAGNA Engineering, which she founded as a sole proprietorship seven years ago. She is responsible for overseeing the overall operations, strategic direction and growth of the company. MAGNA has grown into a thriving company with 30 employees.  

“Winning the CIWB Small/Medium Award is an incredible honour for me. It signifies recognition of the hard work and dedication that I, along with my team at MAGNA, have put into building the company and making a positive impact in our industry and community. This award serves as validation of our efforts and motivates us to continue striving for excellence.” 

Massig credits working with other influential and accomplished women as being instrumental in her and MAGNA’s success. “It provides a supportive network of like-minded individuals who understand the challenges and opportunities faced by women in business. Collaborating with such women not only fosters personal and professional growth but also brings diverse perspectives and ideas to the table, ultimately contributing to the success and innovation of our organization.

“My advice for other women in the workplace is to believe in themselves, their abilities and their worth. Don’t be afraid to take risks, speak up and assert your value. Surround yourself with supportive mentors, allies and colleagues who uplift and empower you. I am committed to empowering and advocating for other women in the workplace in the hopes of creating a more inclusive and equitable environment where all individuals can thrive and succeed.”  


Professional Services
Alicia Quesnel, Managing Partner, BD&P Law

Alicia Quesnel, Managing Partner, BD&P Law

Alicia Quesnel is the managing partner of Burnet, Duckworth & Palmer LLP (BD&P), a leading Calgary-based business and complex litigation firm. She is responsible for the overall management and, with the firm’s executive committee, the strategic direction of the firm. 

“I am equally honoured and humbled by receiving this award. I have been inspired by so many professional women in law and business throughout my life and career. The fact that I am a woman who may inspire others is amazing to me. In my mind, I am a quiet, shy, studious, small-town girl with big dreams yet to fulfill. It is such a privilege to be recognized for the value I have brought to the table.”

Quesnel says she has the great fortune of working with incredibly accomplished women in the Calgary community, as colleagues in law as well as executives in business. “There is something very special about making connections with women who have gone before me, those who are my contemporaries and those that are coming up behind me. Each is a source of inspiration to me for different reasons. 

“I am very fortunate to have many incredibly smart and talented female colleagues at BD&P who inspire, challenge and support me, and I have had the privilege of working with, and opposite, so many incredibly gifted female colleagues at other law firms and companies over the years. “Our community is growing, and with that growth comes impact and cultural change. We see that in professional services, and we see it in business.”


Social Enterprise
Wendy Beauchesne, CEO
, Alberta Cancer Foundation 

Wendy Beauchesne, CEO, Alberta Cancer Foundation

Wendy Beauchesne is the CEO at Alberta Cancer Foundation, the largest provincially based health care foundation and non-government investor in cancer research in the province. As CEO, her mandate is to lead and advance the organization through a period of innovation and transformation, and to deliver the greatest value for donors, partners and all Albertans dealing with cancer. This includes leading one of the largest health campaigns in western Canada in support of innovation and excellence at the new Arthur JE Child Comprehensive Cancer Centre. 

“Being recognized with a CIWB award comes with all the feels! My first thought was, of course, ‘surely there is someone more deserving’. After some soak-time, I’m left with an incredible sense of pride in what the small yet mighty team at the Alberta Cancer Foundation team continues to accomplish. Above all, it is rewarding and encouraging to see the social enterprise category presented alongside the business community at the same award ceremony. I applaud Axis Connects for its leadership in recognizing the value of the social enterprise sector. It’s recognition that just because an organization isn’t driven by profit, it doesn’t mean it’s simple to run.” 

Beauchesne has been fortunate to be surrounded by intelligent, creative and inspiring women who are motivated to make the world a better place. “These women are my friends, colleagues, mentors and sponsors. And, today, many of them are on the Alberta Cancer Foundation Board, on our OWN.CANCER campaign cabinet for the new cancer centre, and on our team. These are incredibly driven women who are committed to finding better ways to treat cancer and improve the cancer experience for Albertans.”