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Category: Business of Energy

The Boom is Coming

If you believe like I do, that the oil and gas industry is ready for even bigger gains, now is the time to get your stuff in order so you

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ProTorque – Celebrating 20 Years

In the dynamic realm of the oil and gas industry, the provision of cutting-edge, forward-thinking and meticulously-crafted oilfield services stands as an indispensable cornerstone. Such offerings not only signify a

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Pride of Grande Prairie

Barry Smith opened the doors of Baron Oilfield Supply in Grande Prairie in 1986 on the strength of a handshake and a bet on the region’s economic prospects. It was

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Fluor Builds a Better World

As industrialization spread in the early 1900s so too did the need for oil and gas, and exploration for these resources introduced Canada as a player in world energy markets.

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Mission to Ottawa

On October 2, a delegation of over 50 Alberta business leaders arrived in our nation’s capital to meet with federal government officials. Their mission was twofold: to share a renewed

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